That was Then, This is Now #20 – Marriage Equality & Adoption





Key “led the charge” on marriage equality?

It’s surprising he remembered where he stood on the issue.



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  1. John Key has a willfully selective memory. John Key remembers, or forgets things to order when there is a political advantage to gain, by remembering, or not remembering, certain things.

    In this he is the perfect Orwellian politician.

    If it became advantageous to attack gays again he would conveniently forget where he stood.

  2. It’s partly an issue of ‘then’ (don’t want to frighten the homophobes) vs ‘now’ (the bill’s passed, there’s nothing to gain by alienating the majority who support it) and partly a matter of different messages for different audiences (the Nat banner behind the May image suggests a Party occasion).

    Hey, who said a PM should be principled, honest or consistent? Whoever it was wouldn’t have voted for Wide Boy JK.

  3. My understanding is that Adoption Act specifies couples must be married which precluded gay couples because the Marriage Act prohibited them from getting married. But this has changed.

    No one, whether in a same sex or straight, can adopt if they are in a de facto relationship. Surely this is a moot point that the MAA has passed? Or are you advocating for de facto to adopt?

    Key is right when he says is an irrelevant issues in terms of the number of children being adopted. Fostering is of a far bigger concern.

    Perhaps the focus of this blog would be better spent looking at why people are not caring for their own children in the first place.

    The number of children abused, neglected & in the ‘system’ is highly disproportionate for a country of our size. And you can’t blame this on a Key either. It’s been on the rise since the baby farm murders nearly 100 years ago.

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