Cough-cough, so doesn’t this kinda make Cameron Brewer a smug hypocrite?



Ummmmmmmmmmmm, doesn’t this kinda make Cameron Brewer a smug hypocrite?

Cameron Brewer admits not declaring Gold Coast junket
Auckland councillor Cameron Brewer, who has been baying for Mayor Len Brown’s blood for not declaring gifts, has admitted not declaring a four-day junket to the Gold Coast.

Mr Brewer yesterday admitted taking free air tickets and accommodation paid for by MediaWorks, which runs TV3.

The right-wing councillor said he made a declaration of interests in 2011, but not in 2012, which would cover the period he went to Queensland.

The 2012 declaration of interests shows that Mr Brown and just nine of the 20 councillors filed returns.

Mr Brewer and Dick Quax, who yesterday said “unless the council code of conduct has any kind of meaning there has to be serious consequences”, were among the 11 councillors not to file a return.

Rich white men in glass houses shouldn’t recklessly fire machine guns. In my opinion, the shallow personality free Cameron Brewer has been channeling the John Banks staccato automaton style. Of. Intelligence. Challenged. Articulation. To. Make. His. Case. Against. Len. Brown and to fulfill his complete capitulation of any original thread of character, Cameron just needs to start referring to himself in the third person like John Banks does for the transformation into smug hypocrite to come full circle.

“Cameron Brewer, thinks Cameron Brewer is being very Cameron Brewer about being so Cameron Brewer.”

If Bob Jones is any threshold for a knighthood, Cameron Brewer is well on his way to becoming a Sir.


  1. He doesn’t look quite so smug now his world has been turned upside down.

    When is this council going to start thinking about Auckland instead of themselves?

  2. I heard Dick Quack on National Radio this morning saying he has heard of more accusations of impropriety from Len Brown. He wouldn’t give details of course. My prediction is that Cameron Slater or someone else will be feeding these to Auckland’s councillors or maybe the media in the near future to apply the final chop to Len Brown’s mayoralty in order to destabilise the council to the point where Brown has to resign or a government appointed commissioner is installed.

    These right wing councillors may claim there is a moral principle at stake but their intentions are for other reasons. They are good at manipulating moral righteousness among the population but they don’t really believe or live by it themselves.

    • PS I must add that wouldn’t have come to these brilliant conclusions if it wasn’t for the excellent analysis on The Daily Blog. Thank You for all your work in 2013 and my best wishes for the New Year to all your bloggers. You are doing an amazing job!

    • I agree. They have everything in place now to cry “disfunctional council” and bring in the managers. They have to think, though, about the fallout from upsetting Aucklanders just before a general election.

      One thing that I have learned from this event is why left wing representatives are so shy of representing the people who vote for them – these bastards will stop at nothing. However, as Len has discovered, kowtowing to them doesn’t help either if they think they would be better off without you. Those from the left may get to play with the elites but they lack their levels of protection – like scholarship kids at a snobby school.

  3. Perhaps TDB should have a contest to find the politician who has NOT had their hand in the cookie jar…
    …drum roll please… and the winner is – nobody

    ps- “Cameron Brewer, thinks Cameron Brewer is being very Cameron Brewer about being so Cameron Brewer.” CLASSIC!
    Still chuckling on that one

  4. Is it a “Cam” thing? The Brewer variety makes his late bid for “Hypocrite of the Year” but a later entry, of the Blubber variety, comes charging in with a later entry for treating the earlier one with ignore!

  5. I presume from this post that multiple indiscretions from a left wing mayor should have the same treatment as one indiscretion from a right wing councillor.

    Sounds a little unfair to me.

    • @ Matthew – Is their conversion rate for this? Y’know, X number of Mayoral indiscretions = Y number of Councillor indiscretions. (Except that Right Wing Councillors get a Free Get Out Of Jail card.)

      • In this mornings news it has been revealed that Cameron did in fact declare the trip.

        So that makes your formula some like 39,000L = 0 and 0R = Guilty

  6. Idiocracy ( ) meets the Feebles . ( )

    I can see why the Darksiders are circling lens limp penis but I can’t for the life of me understand why you TDB’ers think he’s so flash ???

    If anything , Auckland needs an absolute bastard . A combination of Rob Ford and Berlusconi to make people sit up and take notice .

    Lets be honest . lens not flash . He’s a common man in the wrong place . ( That’s what makes me suspect he’s been scapegoated . He’s been set up in my humble view . ) Auckland needs a Tim Shadbolt / Steven Fry clone combo . Class AND wit .

    Poor old len’s drab and dreary and looks to be born to apologize for the many indiscretions you know damn well he’ll make . I’m sorry . I just don’t get it . And of course I feel sorry for len and his whanau and friends . This is awful stuff to have to endure and len should just have a stiff drink and chin up ‘ Illegitimi non carborundum ‘ , the DarkSide scum .
    There’s two ways to look at things Len . As a disgraced politician and now the bone being savaged by both sides OR as the silver fox whats done bit the chicken . Numerously . If you were not married / kids / mayor , people would be saying ‘ Good on you , you dirty , rotten , stinckin ‘ filthy , lucky bastard .
    P.S. Who the fuck is the upside down Stepford Husband ? I wouldn’t trust that little Joe 90 clone with monopoly money .

  7. And I actually saw a man in a glass house with a machine gun on the roof ? Where was that ???
    American Dad was it ???

  8. I want to know who these members of the ‘general public’ we’re who haranguing Len Brown in the street the other day. I smell a rat as it was he middle of a working day and as good right wingers they should have been at work. Pity the msm isn’t the tiniest bit interested in any story that doesn’t fit their agenda.

  9. I think Len Brown should go… should all public servants – councillors, MPs, govt department staff – who have failed to declare perks, cheated and/or used perks in excess…such as always using work resources for personal gain (personal phone calls on work phones that they haven’t paid for, leaving work early, long lunch breaks etc).

    I wonder how many staff would be left? The rot in the excess in the public service goes decades back. Anyone suggesting there is supposed to be some kind of morality in the public service is naive & incredibly short-sighted; the perks are the only reason these troughers do these awfully tedious & boring jobs. Being a politician is a yawn fest & the real wage vs the responsibility & hours sucks.

    The only people who can possibly relate to the constant whinge fest MPs are subjected to when out grocery shopping is the finance fraudsters….and well, they don’t get any money any more do they!

    Of course I want some standards implemented as much as the next person, but I am realistic – get rid of Brown & the next person will do the same stuff, but will just be better at playing the game, at hiding it.

    So for WO & his little swarm of parasitic wasps to declare this is about doing what is right is just absolute BS. Cameron couldn’t give a flying F about integrity as he has none. He is all about his agenda – blog ratings since he will never be able to make it as a politician himself – and doing what his puppeteers tell him to do. There is a reason why his favourite stalker Paepae calls him a sock puppet!

    The real losers in this will be us as next year’s election will be a side-show of gutter politics & rubbish rather than real issues & policy proposals.

    Those on here who want Brown gone on the basis of some kind of misguided idealism that can’t possibly ever come to fruition, should be careful what they wish for. If Brown goes it won’t be a left winger who will get voted in. I reckon it will be Williamson, esp since Brewer, like Palino, is probably going to be tainted by this shit-fest.

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