Bob Jones; What The Hell Will It Take To Have His Knighthood Revoked?



Has Bob Jones reached the threshold yet? Yet? What about now?

He has always been specifically wretched toward women, see here and here and The Herald keeps giving him a voice. I won’t annotate his lifetime of bad ethics and toxic commentary – because who has the time – but it’s pretty obvious by his last gloat over the suicide he gleefully encouraged (isn’t that illegal?) that he’s just generally awful to everyone who isn’t his rich friends. And frankly, it’s been obvious for like, ever.

Knighthoods are supposed to be a high honour reserved for those of rectitude.

How can he possibly qualify?

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Who do we call to strip him of his soapbox and his title?

I started a petition to get the New Zealand Herald to ditch that poisonous crony, and calling for the police to investigate his claim that he encouraged a man to suicide. You can sign and share that here

Any more ideas on what we can do to stop Bob Jones from causing further harm please share them in the comments below!


  1. I don’t think a knighthood has ever been revoked in New Zealand history, but I could be wrong. Sir Roger Douglas got a knighthood, which illustrates how little a knighthood is really worth.

    Not that I have anything against the decent people who do hold the honour, but it certainly is the case that knighthoods reward the rich and powerful; rather than average Kiwis more often than not.

    We have to come to grips with the fact that knighthoods are political honours given by the government of the time; and once given are virtually impossible to take away – short of a knighted indvividual being charged with a serious offense like rape or murder.

  2. Titular honours should never have been reinstated by the NACTs. It was a retrograde step, taking us a step backwards into colonialist attitudes and echoing a way of dealing with each other that I hoped we were leaving behind.

  3. A credible NZ honours system would not often reward politicians – they are often the worst of us. The folk who built the Otira viaduct built a thing of beauty, an engineering marvel, that saves lives, under budget and within their deadline. But sacks of fat like Sir Jenny Shipley get the titles; talent and hard work and social responsibility get nada.

    I like the old titles – but an honours system only works if honour is a serious consideration. Doug Graham should have handed his back – to preserve the integrity of the system. Bob Jones is an up-jumped cuthroat who should never have got one in the first place. For contributions to far-right funding no doubt.

  4. “Knighthoods are supposed to be a high honour reserved for those of rectitude”

    supposed by the class that rules us.

    how about we set our own agenda?

    who out there remembers Sir Leonard Hadley?

    “Office hours 12 till 2”

    Lets leave the knights to the dark ages where they belong and open our minds to today’s light.

    • Shh keep it to yourself. Bob Jones is just trolling, and quite successfully by the looks of it

      In fact, I think Bob Jones might actually be the original troll, the uber troll sent to stir up any liberal hornets nest he can find.

      do not feed the troll, as the saying goes.

      • It doesn’t matter one whit that Jones may or may not have “made it up”. The point is that he trivialises a very real problem in our society and makes light of it.

        Oh sure it might be “funny” or irrelevant to some folk. Until, of course, it’s someone in your family…?

        Then suddenly you don’t find yourself making light of it all of a sudden.

        What next? A bit of granny rape? Or child abuse? Maybe Jews in a Concentration Camp? Oh yeah, all hilarious topics.

        There was nothing particularly amusing or witty or insightful about Jones’ remarks.

        I guess that’s the kind of society we live in now; you can say, write, or draw anything offensive your imagination comes up with.

        We may’ve discovered our “rights” to unfettered freedom of speech – but lost all boundaries of good taste and common sense along the way.

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