Dear NZ Herald – you are in no position to pass judgment on Len Brown’s ethics


You know the right wing knives are out when the NZ Herald are publishing editorials demanding a Mayor they’ve never liked stand down…

Tomorrow, Auckland councillors will not only formally censure Mr Brown but begin a process designed to clip the wings of the mayoral office. If that happens, the Super City may no longer have a leader with the independent authority to drive things forward. The only means of avoiding that outcome is for Mr Brown to resign. He must go in the interests of Auckland and Aucklanders.

…I’m sorry, but where the hell does the NZ Herald get off judging Brown’s ethics when only yesterday the NZ Herald published a column by Bob Jones where he gleefully gloated about goading a fellow human being into suicide?

A newspaper that publishes snuff columns shouldn’t fire machine guns when in glass houses.

I’m glad Brown will face censure. I don’t care about the phone calls and texts to his girlfriend, I don’t care about the hotel upgrades, but receiving free rooms from Sky City when leadership against their vile little deal with the Government demanded more than hotel freebies as a response.

The need by the right to whip this up into a frenzy is more dubious when the origins of this scandal are so deeply engrained within the right wing attack dog sub-culture of the National Party.

I didn’t vote for Len, but thousands of other Aucklanders did, allowing a moralistic crusade led by a newspaper who publishes snuff columns to decide the fate of the Super City Mayoralty is an absurdity.


  1. “I didn’t vote for Len, but thousands of other Aucklanders did”

    Nether did I, John Minto got my vote.

    However, it is worth noting that those who did vote for Len were unaware of his sexual escapades at his place of employment and around town and were similarly unaware of his ‘forgetful” and laissez faire attitude regarding freebies, expenses and telling the truth.

  2. I don’t care about the phone calls and texts to his girlfriend, I don’t care about the hotel upgrades,but receiving free rooms from Sky City when leadership against their vile little deal with the Government demanded more than hotel freebies as a response.

    Indeed. I actually read the Ernst Young report ( and most of it consists of stating that no evidence was found to blah, blah, blah.

    Something that Campbell Live last night did not report clearly.

    But I agree; accepting freebies from SkyCity was a major mis-calculation on Brown’s part. It left him wide open to charges of improper behaviour/capture/whatever!

  3. I think with this latest editorial The Herald has accepted the upgrades are nothing to do with council because he paid for them, it’s outside business hours, not something council provides, and normal practice for hotels to give upgrades/discounts. However freebies at skycity is not the norm for non VIPs. I’m not sure what the remaining questions relating to the HK trip are though, a translator was paid for by a meal that’s it.

  4. I did vote for Len the first time around, but Minto this time around, purely due to the GCHB spying bill issues and his organisation against it.

    But Len MUST GO !!!!!!!!!
    He’s danced around the truth and not been open so much-often now that him staying starts to make John Banks and John Key look acceptable behavior………which it isn’t..

    He stood on a family and religious agenda (+ others) and he’d NEVER have got as many votes from that ‘arm’ had his affair been known. And thus he won’t have got back in……..and HE KNOWS IT. !!!

    He didn’t register his ‘free gifts’, which looks BAD and crooked. I don’t agree with the ‘it’s cost Auckland $ZZZ, but to stop people from having vested interests they have to announce gifts (above a set value) and Len didn’t, thus it’s (small) layer upon layer of doubt in the man…….putting it politely and mildly !!!!!!

    And finally he insults ALL Aucklander’s with his PR spin of ‘I’ll listen to the people of Auckland’. ………..What utter insulting rubbish. If he TRULY wants to hear our opinion resign and stand again.
    Other wise you’ll be judged by us all and especially history as just another crooked politicians with a spin machine.

    Shame shame shame on you Len. You offered so much and you’ve let us down.
    For pity sake, just go !!!!!!!!

  5. I’m in an army facing a vile enemy who wants to destroy me and everyone I stand with. Their leaders say I should dump my leader because they think he is a bad person. Should I act on the advice of my enemy? Hmmm, let me think about that a moment.

    • I (and many many others in my unit) thought he should go WAY BEFORE ‘my enemy’ said he should go.
      The fact that he hasn’t gone and now the enemy is also saying he should go, just lets you know that ‘my enemy’ isn’t always wrong. Just like a broken clock is correct twice a day.
      Len should go…..he’s an embarrassment to the left and by hanging around he just makes the ‘slime ball right wing politician like Banks, Key, Bridges, Parata etc’ look normal like all politicians.

  6. I voted for Len mainly on his public transport stance. Would I vote for him again? Depends, the rest of them were pretty weak or puppets.
    Frankly that is beside the point and it seems that other responses to this blog have failed to grasp this.
    The fact of the matter is that there is something ethically wrong with a newspaper when it’s front page leads with a blazing editorial demand! It should never be their place to push their views on the public and if putting those views in large font on a plain background on the front page of a major newspaper is not pushing, then I’m afraid the term does not exist.
    If there needs to be a push for Len’s sacking it needs to come from the Auckland public and the New Zealand Herald is NOT the Auckland public, but a large, biased, corporate owned entity.
    Let Len’s fate be handled by the council office, his constituents and if need be the justice system.
    Thanks NZ Herald, but I think we can form our own opinion without your ‘help’.

  7. Kickbacks while lobbying for a corporate, using his position to get jobs for people he’s sleeping with and being sneaky about a ratepayer-funded trip to Hong Kong. These things indicate corruption. He needs to go.

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