What Mr Key meant to say was “I’m writing a $125m cheque to Fox’



So what the Fox actually says is “Give me a 25% rebate for Avatar you stupid hobbit”, and the ‘great deal maker’ John Key ends up paying Fox in the vicinity of $125million to film 3 films here?

I’m not sure what is more ironic, that a right wing Politician is paying Fox for good publicity or that Key is green lighting a trilogy of films where monstrous mining corporations endlessly fight to destroy a pristine environment.

Maybe the fine print that Key has insisted on was that this time around in Avatar, the monstrous mining corporations win and that 2 lead characters get named Anadarko and Max.


  1. Proof again that making movies is more glitzy, more ‘sexy’ and more vote garnering than making railway wagons in Dunedin?

  2. Yep, this is SELECTIVE government subsidy at its most blatant. Of course the subsidy doesn’t go to actual productive members of NZ society (e.g. manufacturing or farming), but no, the mega-profitable international ENTERTAINMENT industry is where it’s at… apparently.

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