Will a staff member at the Whanganui District Health Board please make a formal complaint about Michael Laws?


I’ve been checking the draft proposal being discussed today for the Whanganui District Health Board code of conduct to see if there could be any repercussions to Michael Laws extraordinarily insensitive and offensive outburst on Facebook attacking the mother of a Down Syndromes child.

Firstly, us members of the public can’t complain about a board member, it has to be a staff member…

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.32.25 AM

…so if one is brave enough to make a stand, the first hurdle to overcome is this one…

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.32.01 AM

…now I would argue that could be easily overcome because Michael boasts about his connection to the WDHB as his source of authority in this matter…

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.26.44 AM

…so it’s not clear that Laws is speaking his own vile opinion offensively, he’s actually dragging the WDHB into this nasty exchange.

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This is ugly, ugly stuff that has no place in talkback land, let alone a health and well being organization.


  1. I’m always interested in people that profess a liberal outlook, and ‘open minds’ but who then use phrases like “End of story”, etc
    …. as in the “most parents don’t want disabled kids” …. etc (above).

    This guy really is a fascist – a very very ugly one.
    There’s a lot of it about these days – a programme of bigotry and ideology that’s always looking for ways to make itself look/appear respectable.
    It comes in many guises – e.g. there’s a pretender to what he hopes is a ‘Throne’ who claims affinity with a Tauranga electorate. There’s another – a holier than thou Crusher – who would have us all believe her concern for her representation of a muddle class, comfortably-off lektrit was actually genuine. And it’s all mediated by a pumped up set of egos that we regularly see on things like free-to-air radio and tv.
    There’s another …. (as there are many), just like one scared little individual – used and abused by his ideologically driven masters – who’ve no doubt told him they’d look out for him – he even has a respectable title of Attorney Heneraale. ya vol mein kommandant!

    Actually I’m not that concened with it all.
    What depresses me though is that when sheeple do eventually wake up; when the likes of Becs Kitteridge come to the conclusion that they’ve been royally used by ideologically driven ‘masters of the Universe’; when others in MFAT and a host of other places wake up (that’s even BEFORE an electorate misinformed/’mis-sold’/mis-whatever lingo is invloved), their demise will be more violent.

    It’s actually quite a depressing prospect – but one that’s understandable.

    I’ll watch from the sidelines – if I’m not already elsewhere (most likely North Eastern India).

    These ideologues truly are a phenomenon to behold!
    Their egos, their paranoia, their 1% VERSUS 99% wallet sizes;
    their pretense that market-driven economies and philanthropy (and the inherent GOODNESS in the likes of Messrs Crosby & Textor) they’ve signe d up to (versus what they ekshly believee),;
    the manner in which they embrace a belief system rather than consider aleternatives (based – probably on levels of comfort and preceptions of security)

    ……. all truly something that won’t be shifted OR challenged until there is some sort of viable alternative (btw – right now, a Cunliffe – driven LABOUR one just ISN’)

    All quite fukn pathetic really.
    I just hope I’m not compelled to feel guilt, or contrition, or sympathy if and when a Tauranga fascist, or a leopard-skinned fugly, or a tik-a-box cargo cultist (who incidentally once tried to sell me summit) dressed in Victoriana uniform, or a bitter old Queen (who’d still be permanently settled in an respectable, well-insulated closet were it not for his basis understanding of modern media and its propensity for spin) – [COULD go ON & ON & ON with examples] ……
    Really hope they don’t expect sympathy! Their famiiles maybe.

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