PMs Office feeds Whaleoil venom



Well, well, well, what do we have here?

PM’s office distances itself from party photographer
Prime Minister John Key’s office has distanced itself from a staffer who sent photographs to controversial website Whaleoil.

The website published photographs today of rubbish and cigarette butts left over after the Press Gallery’s Christmas party at Parliament.

Jason Ede, who works in a communications role in Mr Key’s office, was seen by Labour MP Phil Goff and Herald political editor Audrey Young taking the photographs this morning.

He was not named on the website as the photographer.

Mr Ede apologised to the press gallery this afternoon.

In a statement, he said: “It was a silly, spur of the moment thing to do, and I consulted no-one.”

The article, titled “Press Gallery Party Aftermath”, criticised the press gallery for leaving a mess and smoking on Parliament grounds.

Mr Key’s office said Mr Ede took the photos in a personal capacity.

…so the PM’s political hit man from the PMs own office attempts to frame the Press Gallery by leaking photos to whaleoil and all of a sudden Ede is working in a ‘personal capacity’?

Are you kidding?

Surely Ede’s emails should be investigated over the period of time that Whaleoil and other National Party insiders were cooking up the Len Brown sleaze attack, just to see if the PMs office via Mr Ede are as squeaky clean as they claim.

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The fact that Ede was in contact with Whaleoil at all is highly questionable, is the National Party and PMs Office comfortable having a relationship that cosy with a blogger who is so hateful and spiteful?

What seems to be apparent is that the National Party and PMs Office are not only thrilled with the relationship, they are active in feeding it.

Expect the 2014 election to be the most vicious in NZ’s history.


  1. Good stuff. The net is closing in on this nauseating gang, the Key gang.

    From a garden guide…
    Slaters are a multi-legged, land-living crustacean found all over Australasia. They are known as Wood Lice, Pill Bugs and Roley Poleys. They’re scavengers, which mean they mainly feed on decaying organic matter. Unfortunately, every now and again they turn their attention to living vegetable matter and that’s when they can become an absolute nightmare in the garden.

  2. Perhaps Mr Ede should be investigated regarding the Pullar/ACC leaks as well?

    And you’re quite right, Bomber. Claiming that he was acting in “a personal capacity” is a pathetic attempt at a whitewash.

  3. Went out this morning to find that bloody slaters had attacked my runner bean seedlings. Thought immediately of Cameron. Yuck. Any advice on how to get rid of slaters.

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