TDB Xmas Drinks – 7pm tonight



Whanau, it’s been one hell of a year, TDB bloggers and supporters are welcome to join us tonight from 7pm at the Gypsy Tearoom, 455 Richmond rd for a night of drinking, plotting and seasonally relevant revelry.

Expect politicians to mingle with activists to mingle with bloggers to mingle once again with politicians.


  1. Hoist one for me, I’m busy but would have loved to have been there. Thanks to all the TDB staff and bloggers for all your excellent work, and to others who comment regularly – I’ve often come away feeling smarter for it all.

  2. Indeed my sentiments also @ cemetery jones .

    Sadly , I’m marooned in Country Cow Freak Land ( ) and thanks to big jimmy bolger , the hot air balloon ( You may have heard of it . It’s called The Pig Muldoon ) which is all that’s left of public transport down this way doesn’t leave to connect from here to Dunedin airport until the second Wednesday of every other month , weather dependent .

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