Q: Will Hide Seek ACT Leadership Rerun? A: Never Say Never!


Audio: RadioLive’s Sunday Panel: Selwyn Manning + Rodney Hide + Wallace Chapman

Here is audio of this weekend’s Sunday Panel on RadioLive, where Rodney Hide was asked again if he will run for the ACT Party leadership… Part of his answer was: “Never say never!”

Listen and see what you think.

Also, here are the main topics of the discussion:

  • Colin Craig and the Conservatives,
  • ACT’s leadership needs
  • 90 day employment trial period,
  • Reflections on Nelson Mandela’s legacy and who should rightly represent NZ at his funeral,
  • Deep sea mining risks/benefits.


  1. Well, I guess if Brash could rise from his tomb (what you get for not driving the stake deep enough into his dark heart), then Hide could do likewise…

    Mind you, it’s a bit “rich” for Hide to be labelling Colin Craig as “wacky”. Enough New Zealanders believe precisely the same about ACT, hence keeping that Party in the one percent voter-support range.

    Pass the Holy water and crucifix, please!

  2. Now , imagine if hilary calvert and rodney hide had a baby ?
    Aww … ! Bless … !
    Are shoes made to fit cloven hooves ? They’d have to coax it down from the ceiling before they hung it up in it’s cave of the evening . It wouldn’t cry , it’d hiss . It would give the nappy rash . Is there a baby food made from other babies ? They’d never need to drive it to day care , it could fly there by itself . At least if the cat went missing you’d know where to look for it’s remains . In the babies crib along with the bones of the next door neighbours dog . Imagine a baby with hilarys looks and rodneys charm ? Or the other way round . Either way would get its photo on Facebook . And Youtube . And I’m thinking the notice board for new species at the local University . Babies don’t usually have scales and bristles do they ? Its horns would keep poking holes in its hot water bottle . Usually when babies make funny faces people laugh and coo . When rodders and hillers’ baby makes faces people will kill themselves . They’ll know when it’s teething . There will be bite marks in the concrete garden path . It’s first steps would be goose steps etc …

  3. The drug testing issue Rodney raised is interesting. I assume that the drug is cannabis. I wonder if hysterically sacking people who have traces of cannabis in their blood is altogether necessary or sensible however, given that increasingly countries are moving to decriminalise cannabis because it is less socially disruptive than alcohol.

    Employers’ preferences for migrant workers is well established in any case – they are a population under stress, and cannot meaningfully oppose managerial impositions even if they are not technically exploited.

    NZ immigration law still requires a statutory declaration from employers in respect of work permit applications,that the employer can find no suitable New Zealand employees. No employer is ever prosecuted for lying about this however. Corrupt immigration ministers turn a blind eye. So we go overseas, where NZ workers have earned a good reputation. The problem is not the workers.

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