5AA Australia: Banks’ Electoral Fraud Charges Will Rock Key Govt

Peter Godfrey & Selwyn Manning deliver their weekly live bulletin Across The Ditch on 5AA Australia.

Across The Ditch with Selwyn Manning and Peter Godfrey was Recorded Live on 5/12/13.

In this week’s bulletin of Across The Ditch Selwyn and Peter discuss how New Zealand’s National-led Government may face increasing instability with one of its key coalition support party leaders, John Banks, being forced to face electoral fraud charges.

Also, New Zealand Police seized $120million worth of drugs used to manufacture Methamphetamine.

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ACT Party leader, John Banks, has announced he will not seek re-election at next years Election after his appeal to overturn a judge’s ruling that he must stand trial for alleged electoral fraud.

The ACT Party is currently in a coalition agreement with the National-led Government here in New Zealand.

Banks also announced that he will stand down as the leader of the party at its annual meeting in March.

The decision has heightened speculation that the New Zealand Government is becoming more unstable and that John Banks will be forced to resign from Parliament early.

If he is found guilty of the allegations, then Prime Minister John Key’s Government will be forced to rely solely on the Maori Party to get legislation through the Parliament. The Maori Party is also looking like it is dog tucker at the next election, with poll support collapsing over the past 12 months and its two co-leaders also resigning at the next election.

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* Also Over $120 million worth of drugs and assets were seized by the NZ Police Wednesday in the biggest drug operation of its kind to have occurred in New Zealand.

The operation involved 330 officers from Police and NZ Customs and was assisted by international criminal intelligence information.

Over 300 kilogrammes of Contac-NT was seized. This Class B drug is used to manufacture Methamphetamine.

Police said the quantity of the pre-cursor drug would have made over 100KGs of Meth with a street value of $100 million.

Four people have been arrested in Auckland, and Police say more arrests are likely.

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  1. “Also, New Zealand Police seized $120million worth of drugs used to manufacture Methamphetamine.”

    Um, no. They got 300kg of Contac-NT, which is a cold medicine containing pseudoephredrine. From the inernet:
    “Contac non-drowsy dual relief tablets contain two active ingredients, paracetamol (500mg) and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride (30mg).”

    This means that they probably got about 10 to 15 kg of pseudoephredrine at the most. Pseudoephedrine is not worth $12 million dollars per kg, so what do the poaka actually mean by this?

    Judging by past experience, they will take a severely inflated street level price for well less than a gram of methamphetamine, assume that the pseudoephredrine gives 100% yield and the final product is all sold at this price, and then scare a jury with the resulting figure. The way ngati poaka arrive at these figures make Treasury look competent, and I really think it’s well past time that journalists stopped going along with their bullshit. When they stand up in court and spew this rubbish, it’s basically perjury, but I won’t be holding my breath waiting for them to be charged.

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