Key Government propped up by disgraced John Banks

Source: Labour Party – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: Key Government propped up by disgraced John Banks

John Banks’ continued presence in Parliament is eroding New Zealanders’ faith in democracy and it is time for John Key to ask him to stand down as an MP, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe.

“John Banks has effectively acknowledged that he is compromised and cannot continue as ACT leader. By that standard John Key should not allow him to prop up his Government.

“The toxic Mr Banks is at the heart of the slow rot that is infecting this Government.

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“John Banks said he cannot do justice to his role as ACT leader while fighting a court case on electoral fraud. That means he also cannot do justice to his role as MP for Epsom.

“John Key is leading a lame duck Government propped up by the disgraced John Banks and the tarnished Peter Dunne. He is so desperate he is now reaching for support from Colin Craig, who may believe in chemtrails and questions whether man ever landed on the Moon.

“New Zealanders have had enough. John Key must cut his disgraced and tarnished support partners loose.

“The Prime Minister has lost his moral compass. He is once again putting the numbers ahead of principle.

“The right thing to do is to call John Banks into his office and ask him to resign as an MP now,” says David Cunliffe.

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  1. A little presumptuous isn’t it? I thought we had innocent till proven guilty in this country?

    I also laugh at how John Key supposedly has authority to stand down a member of parliament from another political party. Perhaps John Key could stand down Hone Harawira!!

    Whilst I agree with the sentiment that Banks is passed his use by date this press release is ridiculous.

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