John Banks – one more step towards zombie oblivion


John Banks to stand trial
Act Party leader John Banks will stand trial for allegedly filing a false electoral return.

High Court judge Justice Paul Heath delivered his decision today, remanding Banks at large until a callover later this month.

Before this, Banks was already a political liability, now with the decision to face court action he is a ticking time bomb.

If Banks is found guilty, he must stand down from Parliament but a by-election would not need to take place if the election is within 6months so all Key needs to be able to limp along is for this to come to a head after June and he can crawl through to a November election date.

ACT is a political zombie dragging its rotting corpse along the corridors of power hungry for fresh voter brains. This whole fiasco is beneath contempt, voting to allow mass surveillance for a Party pretending to be about freedom from the State is one thing, supposedly anonymous donations split into two lots of $25 000 is totally another.

The sooner this ideological falsehood masquerading as democratic participation is napalmed, the better.


  1. Yes Martyn.All true and credit where it’s due. Penny B or Graham Mc would be worthier Ministers of police or Justice than either two in there now.
    Without them Banks would still be at it. He needs to be stood down now!

  2. Corruption in plain sight and he still has to waste taxpayer money defending the indefensible. Also, I don’t want to be picky … but the association with the real Banksy (a man of substance) does not sit comfortably with me.

  3. But Martyn, surely zombies are (a) vastly more popular than the ACT Party and (b) have greater prospects of long-term survival…as opposed to ACT after 2014.

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