November 2013 blog stats – The Daily Blog now largest left wing blog in NZ



The Blog stats are in for November and The Daily Blog has beaten The Standard for the first time ever and we are now the largest left wing blog in NZ after only 8 months!

Selwyn and I would like to thank our readers and acknowledge all the brilliantly talented bloggers who have helped bring this project the success it has achieved.

We would also like to thank our Union affiliates, Unite, RMTU, NZDWU, MUNZ and MWU for their loyalty & support.

This December we also welcome Rape protest activist and feminist Jessie Hume and local council activist Christine Rose to our blogger line up.


  1. You forgot to five the actual figures. Slatter and the Skinny One are on 1.4 million, you are almost 200 k, well done.

  2. That is great news for the Daily Blog! I see though that The Standard still has more page views, which must be, because that they have some very active bloggers and commenters, who can there make comments that are being published instantly. That leads to more intense debates and exchanges, thus more page views too, I presume.

    We know that Whaleoil is using some technical features that generate a lot of “visits” and “views”, which may not represent actual contacts by bloggers and commenters. That is at least what I heard.

    Kiwiblog seems to do well, because David Farrar always has some topics that can generate wider, also non-political interest, and that offer loads of data and other background information few other blogs offer. That can appeal to larger parts of the wider public, and does not need to mean that so many visitors actually share the views of him and his regular commenters.

    What really mystifies and irritates me about the many blogs listed, why there is no mention of such as “ACC Forum” and “ACCFocus”, or are they not considered as being traditional “blog-sites”?

    They may primarily cater for special topics and clients, I admit, but ‘ACC Forum’ at least (despite having had a couple of controversial figures that were associated with the site), has also covered wider issues, such as those to do with WINZ and beneficiaries.

    Many former ACC claimants have ended up with WINZ, and so that forum offers a lot of information, links, resources, opinions and comments by registered “members”, while it also has a somewhat substantial readership, which goes far beyond those registered and commenting there.

    There have certainly been many page views of certain topics, and some like the following have over just a few months got hundreds, yes thousands of “views”, which make it a website and forum that should really be listed as significant:
    (2357 views to date)
    (796 views to date)
    (2523 views to date)
    (3118 views to date)
    (1779 views to date)

    Perhaps someone can explain the different treatment of such forums?

    • It looks as though blogs need to explicitly sign up for it. You could always ask the owner of those sites if they want to sign up. I believe they would be required to integrate a visit counter first, though.

      • Sign up for what, I ask? Do you mean there is a kind of “blog register” or what??? If they can count views per topic, they surely must have a site counter of sorts.

        Anyway, as those are not my “blogs”, I will leave it up to the operators to do what they see fit.

        As for the list I saw on Open Parachute, there are some truly bizarre, and tiny niche blogs, probably hardly worth the mention and bother, as they seem to get very, very few visits and views.

        Re ACC Forum, I think, the issue is that they do require publishers and commenters to register. So there is no “direct” public access, which seems to be making the difference. But registering on there is not hard, and it does not seem to require any particular tight criteria, and certainly no payment.

        It is just a simple formality. Apart from that, the many views do clearly mainly come from readers, who call up the pages with the topics. They do not need to register for that.

        Anyway, I learn more each day.

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