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Final ever Citizen A: Year in Review – Wallace Chapman & David Cunliffe

By   /  November 30, 2013  /  8 Comments

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The 2013 Year in Review plus 2014 predictions

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Issue 1: What were the big political, economic and social issues of 2013?

Issue 2: How did the Media serve us over the last year?

and issue 3 tonight : What predictions for 2014?

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  1. Goodbye Citizen A. I have to say I agree totally with your panelists. This show has been vital in talking about issues stifled in the mainstream media. Although you always state you have been “fair and balanced as Fox News” there has been a sense of balance if a little skewed and some of the discussions have been a source of open debate, the likes that haven’t been seen on television for quite some years. My hat is off to you Martyn and co.

    In the short term, have you considered reinventing yourself as a podcast? Working the format into a guerilla online show for 2014? I thought the last 2 web interviews on TDB with David Cunliffe were compelling. It could be done a tiny budget and you have a ready made audience.

    Once again thank you for fronting the issues

  2. K says:

    This was by far the best political show on the air. You have widened my viewpoint and added depth to current issues. I hope that against all odds you are able to come back, but until then you will be greatly missed.

  3. Jenny says:

    Great stuff, gonna miss your show Bomber.
    Podcast, good idea. Hope you you can take it up. Hope you can attract the same high profile guests and maintain the same high level of debate.
    Again, gonna miss your show, sooner or later you would have had to have to raise the issue of climate change, deep sea oil, new coal mines and the small matter of human extinction.

  4. YogiBare says:

    Will miss your meaty stew of a show as now all we have left is a watered down Campbell’s soup.

  5. Plan B says:

    Like many people watching, my hope and fears are centered around one thing. Is DC the real deal. I really , really hope he is. We have had too many elections that have resulted in changes in government but no change in policies. As a result New Zealand is being lost

  6. Kevin says:

    D.C needs to say exactly what Labour’s policy is on foreigners speculating in the NZ housing market, with money printed out of thin air.
    Shearer said we’d ban foreign ownership, which was specific and unambiguous. SADLY soon after he was toppled and Labour’s policy seems to have been DRAMATICALLY watered down.
    If you remove foreign speculation in the NZ housing market, you’ll significantly lower the cost of living (as housing costs will drop 20-40%), so a salary rise isn’t needed so much.
    All other ills that need fixing by Labour are less important than the basic human right of, affordable housing NOW (not in 10 yrs, after building houses, whilst letting in more immigrants and thus having even less housing available than today ?????D’Oh !!!!!).
    DC is the best leader Labour have had for a long while, HOWEVER he does seem to be vague and rather too often similar to John Key, in that he talks about aspirations etc etc.
    IF the opposition don’t say the exact opposite then it’s JUST the same. And sadly 90% of DC’s comments are not the exact opposite of what JK or many other politicians say……….job’s growth, better of, fairer, more profits, ………..blah blah blah

  7. Aaron says:

    So what next?

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