Is the good Dr for turning?


There comes a point in the twilight of any MPs career when they just stop lying. Maybe it’s a lifetime of regurgitating compromised ideas and lesser evils, but at some stage they gain their humanity and just start calling it like it is.

I am hopeful that is happening right now with the good Dr Paul Hutchison. He wooed us with his honest and graceful debates on marriage equality…

…and now he is being dignified in his criticism of children’s health…

National MP calls on govt to take leadership role in children’s health
The head of the Parliamentary Health Select Committee, National MP Dr Paul Hutchison, is calling for the government to back his committee’s recommendations that more focus and funding needs to go to pregnant mothers and babies.

“We are calling for leadership from the top and the reason for that is indeed they are holding the purse strings [Finance Minister Bill English and Health Minister Tony Ryall],” Dr Hutchison says.

…the myriad of issues the government won’t face honestly are now open for the good Dr to start providing his opinion on. Watch this space.

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  1. I’ve never been able to figure out why doctors – people who have an innate desire to help others – join right wing political parties. It would seem that the agendas of the Right Wing would be inimical to the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm…

    If we need to have National MPs in Parliament, Dr Hutchison would be one of them.

    • I wouldn’t assume that most doctors have an innate desire to help others. I think most of them go into medicine these days for the money and the social status. The ones who do try to help out really stand out, like that young guy in Kaitaia.

  2. Too little, too late, Dr Hutchison. History will judge you harshly for your sins as part of the Key government (unless that history is written by National’s resident hagiographer, that is).

  3. I would not fully trust a doctor with a National Party membership and having served as an MP under this government.

    Maybe Dr Hutchison is only changing his career? Maybe he has chosen to sign up to become a “WINZ designated doctor”, one of those “hatchet ones”, who sign medical certificates, that help WiNZ to throw sick and disabled off benefits?

    He may agree that there must be more help for mothers and young kids, but what else has ever come from him? He certainly voted for the nasty welfare reforms that were brought in this year!

    They always talk more diplomatically and nicely before they resign from Parliament and their political career, these MPs.

  4. The word in Dr Hutchison’s electorate is that he has an element of decency about him. He is known to invite people to Wellington, show them around parliament and help them present their case for an issue even when he doesn’t agree with it.

    Unfortunately for those of us in the south of his old electorate we are now part of Taranaki and represented by the odious Shane Ardern – and I’m not sure I can put in writing what I’ve heard about him.

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