Colin Craig – the new Minister for Science & Innovation



And on the 6th Day God sprayed chemtrail chemicals down upon the earth. Key will be thankful that the revelations that his next coalition partner seems to believe airlines are part of a global conspiracy to spray unknown chemicals on the general public for some type of nefarious reason became public after he sold shares down in Air NZ.

This new intellectual quirk joins Treaty bashing, the legal right to hit your children, climate denial, Fluoride tinfoil hat wearer, no taxpayer contraception to promiscuous women, more guns for everyone and doubling the entire NZ Military budget.

One gets the feeling that if Colin Craig was the next Minister of Science & Innovation, witch burnings would get research scholarships.

The reason Key is having to consider the far religious right as an option is highlighted in yesterdays latest Roy Morgan Poll…

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Parties neck-and-neck in New Zealand 12 months before NZ Election: National Party (44.5%) just behind Labour/ Greens (45%)

…I believe that the next election will be down to the wire and that the right or left will win by a tiny fraction, that’s why Key desperately needs the Conservative Party. If Key meets with Colin for a luke warm milky Bournvita on the East Coast Bays, Key not only gains Colin, he gains Colin’s sub 5% threshold.

The list of quackery Colin is pushing quietly away from the mainstream while hilarious to those with a library card, reaps a bitter reactionary fruit from those public education has failed and we should be under no surprises that this cacophony of stupid has at least 4% support.

Make no mistake, if National and the Conservative Party join forces, it will be the most right wing Government ever elected in the history of the country, and if that doesn’t shake the apathetic to action, nothing can.

As inequality soars in NZ, the political spectrum fractures. There will be no political middle ground next year, the election will be decided by the ends of the spectrum, by either MANA or the Conservative Party or by some as yet unseen political force.


  1. This is just Key’s promised catching up to Australia, a country now run by miners and the Australian Christian Lobby. There are plenty in Canberra who are just as extreme in their ignorance as Colon Craig, up to and including the Mad Monk.

  2. I watched a TV3 piece in which there was an intro about ChemTrails and then Colin Craig said ” I wouldn’t rule it out”

    Colin Craig said nothing about Chemtrails. Did anyone see the uncut version? Did Colin Craig stand up and say “Chemtrails are real and the New World Order are to blame” ?

    • I’m just disappointed in the media in not telling everyone what Chemtrails are really for: Seeding the air with clouds that refract light in such a way as to convice the people below that Chemtrails are real. It’s a conspiracy!

  3. It seems a little ironic that MMP has given us this bizarre situation, where we get either a far right or a far left government, based on a fraction of the vote and some negotiations that may happen after the vote is cast.

    Where is the voice for the centre ground?

  4. Colin Craig is the most dynamic, energetic, and exciting Christian politician since Graeme Capill. Man, whatever happened to that guy?

  5. What disturbs me is that there are people commenting on other news sites via the internet who actually believe what Colin Craig is saying. I cannot believe that a Prime Minister, leader of a major political party, and one who is wanting to attain credibility on the international arena, would want to promote so openly someone like Craig – it beggars belief

    • What is Colin Craig actually saying? All I heard was “I wouldn’t rule it out”, whatever “it” is

      I don’t rule lots of things out, including that the Royal Family might be shape shifting lizard people.

      In the absence of any evidence, I’d probably say the likelihood of this is fairly small. However, I can’t rule it out because no one has shown me evidence to do so.

      I wouldn’t spend anytime trying to defend the lizard people thesis, any more than I would defend the Chemtrails thesis. However, I would say “I wouldn’t rule it out” since that is a correct statement

      I guess Colin Craig needs some more media training and just needs to nod at the camera and deprive the media of their soundbites

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