Hekia’s last chance?

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Hekia Parata’s lifelines must surely have all been used up? She’s asked the audience, called a friend and 50/50’d several times since multiple meltdowns in Education so one would hope for her sake that she doesn’t have a hand in these allegations…

State-owned firm’s ultimatum raises concern
The Government is being accused of standover tactics after a defunct state owned business, Learning Media, threatened to walk away from a $1.2 million contract on a lease in central Wellington.

It is understood to have delivered an ultimatum to the landlord to accept its offer for only a fraction of what’s owed on the lease in the next 24 hours or it will be pulled.

…such extreme measures are curious because the tip line tells us that ‘Learning media raised over $4 million in capital, by having its shareholding ministers buy new shares in the company. But, only some creditors have been paid in full… and they are foriegn banks: eg Westpac.’

Kiwi investors have been offered peanuts so such double standards won’t play out well if proven.

What’s happening on the iPredict markets?

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  1. unsol says:

    It is interesting how politicians – who are but mere mouthpieces for many decisions & policies implemented, always get the blame & are expected to fall on their sword. Yes Ministers’ have the final say, but it is usually under the advice of senior ministry staff. Yet these people seem to be able to ride every storm (with the exception of Leslie Longstone!), every change of government, no questions asked.

    The government is 120 MPs. And I doubt that any of them intimidated anyone.

    So if this is true I’d be curious to know the names of the senior staff involved, how long they have been public servants & whether they have pulled this kind of stunt before – once a bully always a bully so I bet there has been other times.

    As for Hekia – I think a lot of the angst about her is misplaced & unfair. No MP would have been seen in a favourable light re CHCH – not even the late Parekura Horomia. Other contenders: Mallard – no way hosea, King – naah aaah she would just bring in more bureaucracy, Metiria? $4000 jackets in front of struggling families caught between a rock & a hard place? Cantabs would have stoned her to death!

    If these allegations are true then I hope the right people – namely those in the public service – are held to account as I for one and sick of their attitude of entitlement. If they were in the private sector many would have been kicked out on their ear a long time ago as few really know what hard work is.

    • fatty says:

      unsol, a post-disaster context is an easy place to get support.
      You obviously have no idea of what has been going on in Chch, nor the disaster capitalism that has been inflicted on these poor people.

      Wait for the Chch East by-election. They had a Labour MP in charge and she worked for the people, not the businesses. If your theory is correct the Labour MP will not win. Try not to be such an offensive moron

  2. fambo says:

    If Hekia was replaced, it wouldn’t make any difference whatsoever to the plans of this government. They would just replace her with someone to do the dirty work. They seem to like using aspirational women for the dirty tasks – Hekia, Paula, Amy

  3. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    “They seem to like using aspirational women for the dirty tasks – Hekia, Paula, Amy”

    So how do you explain Simon Bridges? This Government, if nothing else, imo is an equal opportunity aspirational person for dirty tasks employer.

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