Final Citizen A next week – year review with special guests Wallace Chapman & David Cunliffe



Citizen A is being cut next week because the Ministry of Culture & Heritage told Kordia to ignore their own policy to allocate free view frequency to community TV stations, so to end the series we will host a year in review special 28th November 7.30pm Sky 83 with guest panelists Wallace Chapman from Backbenches and leader of the Labour Party, David Cunliffe


  1. It’ll be very interesting to see how committed to a return to Public Service Broadcasting Cunliffe is.
    I’ve already commented before and elsewhere on how easy it would actually be to destroy a Sky monopoly (one that’s driven up the cost of content to anyone other than the monopolist), and on how PSB could be financed (the likes of Peter Thompson and others have studied it all in depth). There are 3 or 4 easy steps.
    Please though – have him keep Claire Curran away from it all. It’s far more important we actually get a public sphere back than it is for an average politician to use it all as a campaign for self-promotion.

    Oh, and while you’re at it, please ask how MCH will be held accountable for their utter incompetence.

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