Did David Cunliffe just end Simon Bridges Prime Ministerial aspirations?



So it turns out that the National Party Cabinet barely blinked at the compensation request for the Pike River Mine families before turning the it down and Cunliffe’s blindsiding of Bridges into revealing that they didn’t even bother to consider their moral obligations shows a level of heartlessness that borders on Governmental cruelty.

The question is devastating…

“Given that, in this particular case, 29 miners are dead, a royal commission has found that one of his ministries is partially culpable for failing to close the mine, the minister responsible has resigned, a court has ordered compensation, the parent of the company now in receivership has refused to pay that compensation, two Crown entities that are ultimately answerable to him through their boards have voted against the parent company paying compensation, and yet another Crown entity has received insurance payouts and refused to contribute a cent, has the Government honoured all of its moral obligations to the Pike River families?”

The Cabinet didn’t even bother considering the moral case for intervening and bringing these families compensation – surely when you consider the regulatory failures that led to the deaths of 29 men – if there is a role for the full power of the Prime Ministers Office to step in to help NZers – isn’t it this?

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One is left with the terrible feeling that the PM will intervene in Casino Deals, Corporate Hollywood Deals and South Canterbury Finance collapses (that would have hurt a lot of National party supporters) – but won’t intervene directly into the compensation for the deaths of 29 men under a regulatory failure that saw the Minister of Labour resign.

A court has ordered compensation, the parent company refused to pay compensation while 3 Crown entities the Government does have some control over have done nothing to help with the compensation claim. When it’s pokie machines in a Casino or Union bashing for Warner Bros, Key can’t move fast enough to employ the power of the Prime Minister’s Office, when it’s the compensation package for workers, suddenly his hands are tied.

These double standards are what unravels the publics faith in a Government.


  1. What faith ? What Government ?

    We’re leaderless and ungoverned . We’re lost in a political wasteland and this goes to show how confident the cadre of crooks that masquerade as National Party politicians have become at ignoring us .

    Clearly , New Zealand is in a very , very precarious position . We should all feel vulnerable and neglected right now .

    What amazes and surprises me is where’s Cunliffe ? Surely the media can’t be so crushed by the tyrannical might of jonky that they can just gag Cunliffe into obscurity ? A mad cat woman on a street corner would command better coverage so WTF Dave ? Get your blood up man ! Loosen your tie and let your eyeballs pop out if for just a few seconds ? Where’s the passion ! Where’s the fire ? Where’s th… Oh , what the fucks the point ?

    When ever I watch/listen Cunliffe speak , he mumbles platitudes and speaks in Americano- politico-brain-o- babble-o and frankly my eyes glaze over as he waffles about Labour this and Labour that . What ever ! I’ve seen more moral fortitude from kids at the Day Care Center next door . That’s before they get hope crushed from them and after the media sucks out their little souls and turns them into shopping mall haunting , consumer clones .

    Hone Harawira made this grey / white pakeha proud when he was dragged off by Da PO-lice for trying to protect the vulnerable . He’s the kind of MAN we need right now . No some mincing ninny , or a faded pansy surrounded by a few other straggly , iron deficient , bedding plants .

    Things are getting so bad so quickly and it’s becoming so urgent that the concept of Left and Right politics is becoming irrelevant . It’s getting down to what’s human and what’s inhuman and prevaricating about payouts to miners is even worse than fucking around with EQC payouts . There’s tons of money out there to sort these problems out , and now ! Not in years following some awful event that’s fucked up peoples lives . And the ‘ up fucking ‘ isn’t becoming less so .

    We’re in deep shit and we really need direction , action but above all else , leadership . We need an honest and brave human being to lead us into the 21 st century , not a crafty , muppet with a corporate fist up his arse or some wilting willy with a soft , yet firm-to-the-touch approach .
    Those poor people on the coast who must look up to the hills to try to see the spirits of their lovers and loved ones . Up there in those bushy , mist covered hills . Cunliffe should have punched simon bridges in the penis . New Zealand should be renamed ; New Shrugland . Would we be comfortable with that ?

    • Well said Countryboy.
      As this recent quote shows some new zeal is required in this land…
      “Mr Cunliffe said Labour was “not opposed in principle to responsible and environmentally sensible” offshore exploration”.

    • Who are you Country boy??..you always have us in stitches ..ha ha ..thanks, cause other wise I would cry…..
      …we have become such lambs to the slaughter…

    • Country Boy! OH yeah man! you are so on to what’s really going down here and your honest, up front, in your face way of spelling it out to us, has me in stitches! where can I read more of your home truths??? We need more of this! not that wishy-washy mamby pamby drivel that poses as “journalism” in this country!

  2. Expecting this Government to reveal an underpinning of morality in its deliberations is a bit like asking Genghis Khan to nominate himself for . . . well , . . . I dunno, , The “Mother Theresa Foundation”? “The Nurse Maud board of Trustees”? . . . . . You name it.

    The profit margin for big business, (Along with sucking up to “Uncle Sam”, of course, ‘cos that represents MONEY), is all that counts for this bunch of imbeciles.

  3. Countryboy – I find I don’t have to comment when you have – you just say it all so much better than I could.

    With regards to Hone – I’m an old white guy who get’s continually boraxed because I support “that rascist maori prick”! He’s one of the few people out there who’s prepared to put himself on the line and, in my eyes, has more mana than the rest of the political circus, put together. A politician who cares about the people at the bottom – like an old time Labourite, and equally, continually shitcanned and abused for it!

    All I want to do now is pull out the .308 and go hunting……better (as my wife says) that I stay out of the country……

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