Matthew Hooton on his Radio Live walk out


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Matthew Hooton on his Radio Live walk out


  1. I think you’re an utter fuckwit, Hooton, but much respect for calling those two on their bullshit and for taking a stand against rape culture.

  2. Well done, Matthew. Of course you must appreciate this is slightly disorientating for us lefties to suddenly find ourselves cheering for you as the voice of the people – while blokes who have been aligned with Labour and the Alliance have been revealed as total dickheads. May have to reassess your stance on other matters…

  3. Mathew,you staged that performance on Radio Live.You had it planned what you were going to do.It is really just an attempt by you and others of your ilk to discredit JT and Willie because they are Maori activists and are on the left-wing of polititics.My opinion of you sir is that you are white trash.

    • Pfft. Pull the other one. How the fuck can anyone discredit Back Pussy Tamihere more than the dribble that’s come out of his own mouth? They’re not part of a left that I recognise. As for being Maori activists – Billy T James was much funnier.

    • They are not different. JT when he asked the girl about when she lost her virginity this was disgusting and puts him in the role of some qualified psychologist. He is no one. He just does a radio show. Both of these hosts have past their use by date. They seem to think they have some special attributes that qualify them to be rude. I usually enjoy some of their banter but this stooped to a new low. Back to National Radio for me.

  4. Yes, very well done Mathew. Credit where credits due.

    I think what you have said is terrific.

    Now is there anything we can do to help you change your other views?

  5. I never thought I’d be supporting you, Matthew Hooton, but I totally agree with everything you said, and the fact you were thrown out of those two mysoginists’ studio is actually a badge of courage.
    John Tamihere and Willie Jackson are nothing more than a couple of prejudiced bullies, I refuse to listen to them as they don’t have a decent philosophical thought between them, they are simply reactionaries, no original thought, and all the excuses in the world for inexcusable behaviour.
    If the Roastbuster had been Pakeha, I’m afraid those two would have pilloried them, but their racist tendencies are so obvious, they squeak.
    Thank you Matthew, for supporting your daughters the right of not only your daughters, but all daughters.
    . Well done.

  6. Good work Hooten, now you have to take personal responsibility for the violence and suffering you inflict on other 6 & 8 year-olds through your economic beliefs.
    Violence is violence, don’t get too moralistic

    • Sorry to tell you this FATTY but it’s the attitude of people like you that is the problem in this country. Just because you have a low laid job or are on a benefit doesn’t mean that you have to beat your kids or be a rapist. Even the poorest of the poor have the ability to make good as well as bad choices. I know you will never understand this but just maybe if you or your parents had economic beliefs that revolved around goal setting, hard work and achievement rather than the victim mentality of jealously sniping at those who have got further in life that you or have more money then ……….. Oh what the hell, maybe you’re right. Maybe it IS all Matthews fault that your outlook sucks, that 13 year old girls get raped, that the underclass are duty bound to act like social wankers because someone else has more. We’re doomed anyway, right?

  7. Now , I’m waiting for you Mathew Hooten to abandon the neoliberal terrorist clan you have championed so untiringly which excreted the very same sociopaths your daughters and others must eventually be very , very careful around .
    Or are you using the specter of your daughters possible vulnerabilities to infiltrate then spread dissent in our hearts and minds , like every other confederate before you ? Which reminds me of what Tony Abbot said about his trophy children . I’m glad Tony has beautiful girls . But what if they were plain and ordinary ? Would he have said ” I’m very sorry my girls look the way they do . It’s my New Zealand wifes fault . Please vote for me anyway ? ”

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating , so say those who can afford pudding .

    I also see the corporate parasites are leaping from the dying Radio Live carcass . Ha Ha ! Foot in Mouth is a dangerous disease .
    And is it just me or are Willy Jackson and John Tamihere just career wankers ? Really ? They are pretty wanky . Who listens to them anyway ? Other wankers perhaps ?

  8. Good on you Mathew, those two clowns were out of line.
    Its not a “left” v “right” thing as some of the clowns have commented on, its “right” v “wrong”, and Willie & JT were out of line end of story !
    Even Matt McCarten was dumb founded by the comments,and Matt’s a pretty level headed guy !
    I think because Willie and JT are the so called “Champions of the Poor & Dispossessed” or think they are, they lose perspective sometimes of just where their focus should be.
    Their scorn and disdain should be totally directed at the perpetrators, not the victims.
    Dumb, dumb , dumb Willie & JT!!!
    Good on your Mathew.
    I wouldn’t go back on their show again, and Radio Live should grow a spine and give them the flick ( before commercially, the station loses all advertising ).

  9. Ovicular: I would have thought that with the default political position of New Zealand being that of a worker unfriendly client state of America and Britain that anyone left of that default position would be considered on the left of the left of the political spectrum,but please enlighten me.

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