National’s Asian MPs urged to have a conscience

Source: Labour Party – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: National’s Asian MPs urged to have a conscience

Labour’s Asian MPs Raymond Huo and Dr Rajen Prasad are calling on Members of Parliament of Asian descent to vote with their conscience and vote against the Sky City bill.

Rajen Prasad says they should act in the interest of those people they represent when they cast their vote for the New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill, which will grant SkyCity casino in Auckland an extra 230 pokie machines and an extended licence until 2048.

“The statistics make for grim reading” says Raymond Huo. Among the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand’s clients, 16.6% are Asians. These people are mainly based in Auckland, and among them, 61.7% had problems with casino gambling.

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Leaders in the Asian community including John Wong of the Problem Gambling Foundation’s Asian Family Services and Donghwan Lim of the Korean Community Wellness Society have spoken out against the bill and the harm that gambling causes in Asian communities around New Zealand.

“Bankruptcies, job losses, crime, suicide and devastation for families are the real outcome of more pokies” says Rajen Prasad. 

“National MPs Dr Jian Yang, Melissa Lee and Kanwalit Singh Bakshi should have the courage to exercise their conscience and not tow the National party line” says Rajen Prasad and Raymond Huo.

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