Police Warning: David Farrar has hijacked the word Union


The Bore of Babylon, David Farrar, he of the hooven foot, has hijacked the word Union in a desperate scramble to generate a fake lobby group for the Government to help distract from the hideous economic agenda of National.

Farrar must be feeling the heat of his decision to side with Hooton against the Government over the Chorus deal and will be wanting this astroturf group to help cement his polling contract with the National Party.

The real purpose of this ‘Taxpayer Union’ is to do the following…


…this is about distraction with a myopic view to critique Union records so that NZers don’t see that this Governments tax cuts for the rich and asset sale programs are here to empower the top 1%.

Kiwiblog setting up a ‘Taxpayer’s Union’ is like Apartheid South Africa setting up a Human Rights Commission and any journalist who attempts to quote this ‘Taxpayer’s Union’ should be bombarded with tweets demanding they refer to it as ‘John Key’s Astroturf Collective’.

Farrar is a hard right spin dr who masquerades his ideology with lite right messaging, a ‘Taxpayer’s Union’ is just another attempt to pollute the dialogue stream with more hard right wing selfishness dressed up in moralistic personal responsibility pretensions. Think of it as a really weak and milky Tea Party think tank.

It should be shown the contempt it deserves.

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  1. Ok . Here’s some contempt for you .

    Farrar is yet another hollow man . If marrying a flock of swans meant he could bloat his ego he’d be gluing feathers to his flaccid little arms as I write .

    He is precisely an excellent example of what being Right Wing is all about . Every bit the blathering windbag and nothing of substance . And they’re all like that . Cowards . Sniveling , gutless , greedy , useless cowards . Whiny , me me’s who’re only happy when balls deep on other peoples money ( which translates into making an art form out of manipulating other people to earn your money for you . And far more money than you could ever spend in a lifetime while enjoying the frisson of knowing you just fucked them over , the stupid , moronic , working class fools . )

    Please , the next time you see Farrar out in day light . Kick him up the arse . No , really . Kick him up his arse hole . It’s been known to send men on a different pathway .

  2. “…He’s willing to stand up for what he believes in…”

    No he isn’t. He has never stood for public office in his life. If he really believed in what he stood for, he would stand for parliament on his agenda, not set up some lobby group designed to subvert democratic outcomes. He is gutless because he hasn’t got the balls to stand for public office because he knows that if he does, his support would be exposed for it actually is – something less than ACT is currently polling at.

    • It is ridiculous to state that unless you stand for public office you lack the courage of your convictions. There has been many, many people throughout history that have never stood for public office yet held strongly held views and contributed much on both the left and the right. If we took this view as gospel then Russell Brand is also a coward.

  3. Indeed, if you see him, punch him in the dick and tell him it’s from me.

    Why isn’t the taxpayers union concerned about the non-payment of taxes by people who think they’re better than the rest of us? As someone who also pays, I’m really more concerned with collaring and exposing the people who aren’t paying than obsessing over how efficiently it is being spent. I bet I know which of the two would net the government more cash as well…

    • Ha ha ha! There are some things I won’t touch with my hands so I’ll kick him in the nuts instead. The only thing worse than living under a right wing government that is all P.R. and not much else, is that farrars slimey tactics seem to be working with a large percentage of the population. That is if you believe the latest polls.

  4. Is Farrar a Resurrectionist? Or simply been watching too many zombie movies? Deja vu of ACT – all over again (with thanks to Yogi Berra).

    If only Maryann Street hadn’t pulled her member’s bill – we could have put this out of its misery.

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