A brief word on the slow tormented death of NZ public broadcasting


When they came for Close Up and replaced it with Seven Sharp, I didn’t care because I thought Close Up was pretty awful (oh how was I shocked by how much worse Seven Sharp was).
When they came for The Vote and replaced with with 10 more tedious episodes of 3rd Degree, I didn’t say anything because I only watched 3rd Degree for Paula Penfold’s stories.
But then they came for Nightline to replace it with Paul bloody Henry 5 nights a week???

When a failed Australian TV flop who got sacked from the State Broadcaster for jaw dropping racism after a long history of vilifying every minority in the country is the new news mouthpiece 5 nights a week for the National Party on TV3, you appreciate how lost we’ve become.

When food porn, corporate music talent quests & capital gains tax free property renovations rule prime time, consumers trump citizens. It’s not ‘The Block’, it’s ‘The Blocked’.

We desperately need Public Broadcasting. With this sort of pap being force fed to the masses, no wonder citizens are braindead consumers and Key rides high in the polls.


  1. Paul Henry, FIVE NIGHTS A WEEK?!?! Oh gawd…

    And TV3 was doing so well with John Campbell; “The Nation”, the “Inside NZ” series…

    I guess this is what’s called “slumming it”?

  2. Paul Henry is an unnecessary mouth piece. How this man is given a prime time spot on tv is beyond me. He promotes only his ignorance while minimising those that are financially less fortunate than himself. His ego is on par with that of Key’s. Im more than happy to tune into another station than listen to this fool.

  3. Sad, but strictly speaking TV3 is not a public broadcaster whereas TV1 and TV3 are supposed to be. The first thing any new Labour/Green govt needs to do is create a truly public TV broadcaster.

  4. Well what do you expect?
    OF COURSE NZ Broadcasting was on the death list. It’s part of the global agenda.
    (haven’t you noticed btw that there’s never any such thing as “political satire” comedy, like we used to enjoy years ago ?)
    Isn’t that peculiar? (Ask yourself why)

    And BTW please don’t knock Paul Henry. He has actually been a wasted talent on trivial shows like “Breakfast”. His “racist” comment way back was blown way out of proportion. It was tongue in cheek. NZers are too simpleminded to understand. It was so pathetic how his innocuous little tongue in cheek comment was taken so literally!!
    NZ is actually a very backward nation in many respects.
    (Lets face it, NZ is not a nation renowned for it’s great Intellects).
    Just take a look in at a typical parliamentary session. Crass peasants they are, compared with Europeans. Oh how I cringe.
    And,to make things even more intolerable, our wannabe politicians have become arse lickers of usa – of all places!!!!!( I just want to die!)

  5. Who actually watches TV any more?

    All the well educated leftish people I know – and I know a lot – either hardly watch it at all, or no longer own televisions.

  6. Issnt it a pity we wont have at least an Auckland regional public broadcast channel, free to air – after December 1st??

    • Agree. Have seen some good thought-provoking docos on Maori TV, Prime, Rialto, RT and Al Jazerra. Can someone tell me why we can’t have great TV like The Daily Show. We seem to get all the crap but not the good stuff. Thank goodness for the internet. Keep up the good work, Bomber, with Citizen A – highlight of the week.

  7. Hopefully Paul Henry is cheap to hire – he should be. That will allow another time slot to be filled at minimum cost with more of the same mindless bland drivel that the masses seem to be content with.

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