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I want to use today’s blog as an opportunity to promo a really cool project. Many of you may have heard of Everyday Sexism already, but read on even if you have, it’s about to become a whole lot more relevant.

Everyday Sexism is a great project which aims to provide a platform upon which women can share their experiences of (as the name suggests) everyday sexism. As the project says of itself…

‘In this ‘liberal’, ‘modern’ age, to complain about everyday sexism or suggest that you are unhappy about the way in which women are portrayed and perceived renders you likely to be labelled ‘uptight’, ‘prudish’, a ‘militant feminist’, or a ‘bra burner’.’

I could write more but it would be more interesting for you to watch this video…

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The UK page has become massively popular and the UK twitter page now has just under 100,000 followers. A Twitter page exists for New Zealand but it hasn’t been a big focus up until now as it’s been being run out of the UK (time difference etc). A New Zealand woman (who would prefer anonymity for now) has recently stepped up to manage the account and is energised and excited to create a local platform. This is a great chance to really get this account humming. So. Here’s what you do.

1- Follow @NZSexism on Twitter.
2- Share your experiences of everyday sexism in Aotearoa (Optional! Only if you’re comfortable).
3-Share what you’ve seen elsewhere-in the news, on the street, at work, on TV, on the radio wherever, whenever.
4- #FF the account (or tell your followers about it any other day of the week too!).
5- Use the #NZSexism hashtag when talking about incidences of sexism.

Twitter is such a strong tool for documenting and sharing issues like this, lets make the most of it!

LadyMac will be joining The Daily Blog as a regular blogger next month.


  1. Humankind is so off the rails that no legislation can fix this epidemic that’s a result of bad education and social injustice. Government policies are making this worse as they rip apart the families and communities that they claim to care about in the name of profit.

    The education system has largely failed and left men without the social skills and the means of finding peace in their hearts in a world where dishonest competition rules and in 20,000 years, there no solution has been found to end the war between the sexes.

    Morality has become bigotry and human behaviour is affected by social, political and economic events which are out of control. The Islamic solution was the hijab which has also failed, and as the media now controls how most people see the world, there is little chance of recovery.

    At an individual level, shame may cure a few, yet as long as there is suffering there will always be escapism into sexual fantasies and over inflated egos.

    Many of our troubles are propagated by the most dominant ideology in the world which is the USA where in their military there are 70+sexual assaults every day. The US is raping the entire world and it remains to be seen if shame will force it to mend its ways and if it does, then there is hope for humanity.

    Now along with the economy which is broken beyond repair, civilisation needs to stop, re-evaluate itself and begin again with a more human mandate.

  2. “Everyday Sexism is a great project which aims to provide a platform upon which women can share their experiences of (as the name suggests) everyday sexism.”

    What about men who want to share their experiences of everyday sexism? You feminists are so sexist

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