Will the Slater blowback reach to the PM?

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The panic within National is real, the why will be the next scandal.

Some Bloggers just want to see the world burn

There is blood in the water.

What’s happening now in the life cycle of the Len Brown revelations is that the murky manner in which this blog formed is starting to interfere with the revelations. The way Chuang was pressured by people like Luigi Wewege, the late night meetings in carparks with Mayoral candidate John Palino and accusations of what amounts to behavior that seems borderline legal if not downright unethical starts putting the messenger before the message. Slater and his Machiavellian machinations have started to eclipse the actual story.

The Daily Blog tipline is providing a chatter from inside the National Party that is screamingly frantic. The panic that is now descending internally revolves around a sense of growing dread that the Len Brown sex scandal is about to explode in the faces of the National Party and the warp speed of many to put as much distance between Slater, Cook, Palino & Luigi Wewege is as amusing as it is insightful.

The true role of how much the National Party were aware of the building sex scandal on Whaleoil starts asking more questions, not fewer.

The latest revelations in the new Metro editorial places the National Caucus being made aware of this over a week before it was released…

I’d first heard the rumour about 10 days earlier, and was also told “The National Party caucus” knew about it too. The word was that Slater was going to publish in election week, but because he didn’t, I had assumed the rumour was false. Duh.

…there are now two scenarios at play here.

Scenario 1: ‘Some Bloggers just want to see the world burn’
In this scenario, the deep seated hatred that Slater served up as his justification for publishing such sleaze on TV3s The Nation are the drivers here…

“Politics is a dirty, disgusting, despicable game and it involves dirty, disgusting, despicable people.”

…such a damaged, jaded view of politics suggests a psyche of someone prepared to justify any means to any ends. When Slater & Lusk performed a political hit job on Aaron Gilmore, the National Party hierarchy response for a non sanctioned killing by a couple of lowly ranked henchmen was to out Lusk for dark scheming and Slater was portrayed as an easily led stooge. That public spanking was also a warning shot to Collins who is Slater’s sponsor, so under this scenario we have a couple of rogue elements in Slater and Lusk who attract people of Cook and Wewege’s calibre to plot and conspire all types of angry schemes and plans.

If this was the case, the distance National Party people are putting between themselves and Slater & co is an ethical stance driven by a strong sense of revulsion at these tactics. With the Boag faction tasked with eliminating the risk, Slater could be in for a long cold shoulder andy his demise could be seized upon by factions within National who see wounding him as a chance to wound Collins.

The building backlash against Slater will be as gleefully exploited by the Anyone But Collins National Party faction as the ABCs exploited last years manufactured leadership coup within Labour.

There is however another narrative…

Scenario 2: National Party Black Ops
Another strand of chatter however suggests a completely different reason for the exodus away from Slater & co. In this scenario, it’s not an ethical response to dirty tactics that’s causing the distance, it’s because those fleeing are now aware that the green light for these types of tactics haven’t been self-generated by Slater’s feverish hatred for the left, they were green lighted by someone much higher in the political food chain of the National Party.

The idea that Slater has an Executive Warrant to act without impunity for black ops purposes would be a vast reversal of National’s stated position before they started tanking in the Polls. If electoral desperation is driving a change in tactics, the blowback if Slater’s actions can be traced back to the National Party leadership would be enough to collapse the Government.

The panic within National is real, the why will be the next scandal.

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  1. Joe says:

    The GCSB were tapping the Mayors Mobile phone that’s how National party MP’s knew about the affair for the last two years. The PM has been using the GCSB and the NZSIS as his personal political machine to gain leverage on his political opponents. Hence the need to distance himself from the Len Brown affair and to pass legislation for the GCSB Bill and the TICS Bill. This would prevent the next government from prosecuting the PM after he is voted out of office. John Key is the Richard Nixon of New Zealand politics and poses a threat to the freedoms we Kiwi’s enjoy.

  2. Lily says:

    A Slater looks for and feeds on decaying and rotting matter. How apt that the Slater in this case is doing the same.

  3. Slater: “Politics is a dirty, disgusting, despicable game and it involves dirty, disgusting, despicable people.”

    One day, psychology textbooks will list this as an examplary case study on the phenomenon of transference. I don’t know who he thinks he’s kidding, aside from angry white dudes who seem capable of believing this about everyone but Collins.

  4. fambo says:

    Great analysis Martyn – as usual, always ahead of the crowd. Very time saving for readers like me.

  5. Countryboy says:

    Where there was once the old news paper hack being greased by gin and a drunken windbag for a favourable report , there are now a million pair of angry eyes . The National Party / Labour Party / Neo Liberal scum have no chance and they know it .
    All their treachery , all their lies will come spilling out like toxic vomit . I wish my parents , murdered by them , were here today to see this . My dad would be sending you flowers Bomber . My mum would send you a hearth warmed cat and a tin of home made biscuits believing both more curative than a tonic . Once you see , as you call them , the old Blacks Ops crooks start to fall . Like douglas , prebble , richardson , brash , quigly et al then you’ll know that change is coming .
    And remember ; jonky isn’t here for his health , his wealth or for some kind of kindly , benevolent smoochums-fur for the most at risk . He’s here to do a job for the Black Ops . I love that term by the way .

    Ponder this , “The Siphonaptera”.

    “Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite ’em,
    And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum.
    And the great fleas themselves, in turn, have greater fleas to go on,
    While these again have greater still, and greater still, and so on.”

    Which Great flea will be first to go to fuck that shit up ?

  6. Anne says:

    Your 2nd scenario is plausible and it wouldn’t be the first time it has happened. Only a handful of people would know who it is, and they won’t be telling. I did note John Key looked rather haggard on the telly yesterday, and wondered if it had anything to do with “the scandal”.

  7. Phil says:

    Can’t wait for the TV drama on TVNZ! Who would play Slater, and Wewege? The Wedgey, Palino, Chuang. What is going on with our immigration policy? Is it a prerequisite for entry?

  8. Marc says:

    Sorry, I struggle with scenarios, they are imaginations of wishful thinking kind of stuff. With all respect, while there will be the odd Nat in the know, that does not implicate the National Party into this at all.

    As for Collins, she is ruthless, but she would not go this low, I am sure. She is also not that sophisticated to pull such a grand scheme or agenda off, having Slater play the game, and actually trusting the whole play to work out.

    Any person knowing Slater knows he is a psychopath, and that is what the Nats know also. They use him when convenient, but that is all. When he goes too far they will distance themselves.

    Slater is an enfant terrible in the blogosphere, and we know this, he plays on pushing the boundaries, and will continue to do so. He also will continue to try and serve his political allies. But he is actually playing too much wild west with his game on his blog, and it is high risk stuff, no sensible politician on the right will really rely on that man.

    He took opportunity on stuff he learned through Cook and Wewege, and that is what he did, he played the game, and thought it may deliver something, also for himself, but it has now not worked out as hoped.

    So he will cast his eyes on something else soon. He is a predator and nothing else, he has neither style, class, integrity and charisma to make it in politics himself, so he has become a back room dealer, like a shady drug pusher, and that is where he comes from.

    Such toxic personalities are at best only used on the fringes of political activity, and hence it is silly to read too much into what happened. The Nats will have themselves covered.

    To deal to and with them, policy and other matters must be dealt out, nothing else, as they have totally lost all credit now anyway, with the Meridian share sale having failed abysmally. It is a lot on the run now, running amok, because they think attack is the only defence, and the knives are out. But they are the losers, as the public are seeing now, the shit they did and sold.

    Key is out, will be out, and his lot too, in 2014, now Labour has it too easy, I think, which will not serve us on benefits, as nothing much will be changed there, as it will not be needed to win votes.

    • Win says:

      1. Your final point – Labour have to step up before they get my vote. I’m joining Russell Brand http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLYcn3PuTTk if that doesn’t happen.
      2. Many in National are capable of anything if they thought it would work. That’s part of the individualised, free market, lets get rich (because we work hard, take risks, have skills, networks, superior intelligence blah. blah, blah) ideology they worship so much. (I know a broad generalisation but..)
      3. OK to use “undercover” tactics – ie no one suspects… difficult to get hard evidence against them, constant surveillance and constant set-ups/tricks/lies to destabilise their target, accusations of wrong doing are met with slurs of psychological illness or minimisation of concerns, and people are brought down – mostly with the real perpetrator’s tracks covered. You don’t have to be sophisticated, you just have to know the game tactics. Not that difficult.
      4. Talking about surveillance – the prime minister is the boss of the GCSB. Always behaves above board? Don’t know, ask his friend who is also a boss.
      5. Slater can’t be that bad he’s managed to get on MSM and have his opinion heard. Not that I disagree with your comments about him but his treatment now by his mates is pretty interesting
      So there may be many things going on in the background that we don’t know about. It is possible.

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