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  1. You may not be aware but in Timaru a joint US NZ army exercise will take place for the next THREE weeks.

    The scenario: How to remove a Prime minister who doesn’t want to leave after an election and is supported by a militia.

    For those of you who don’t know; there was another US NZ exercise last year on the North Island.

    The scenario: How to crush an insurrection supported by the local population.

    I suggest to you that if you believe those scenarios are meant for far away places filled with brown people you are deluded.

    But then again, conspiracies never happen in the upper echelons of power. Not our government, no Sir, no way!

    • Now that the cold war is over and western armies aren’t being trained to refight the European and North African campaigns of WW2 (the way the cold war fantasists were happy with it right up to September 2011), the training becomes more like this, I guess.

      The well rehearsed insertion of a small professional force to nab a terrorist commander and eliminate his inner circle just needs a slight tweak and voila: you’ve got a blueprint for the American-sponsored abduction of an elected PM in the South Pacific who attempts to withdraw his country from the Five Eyes agreement…

      But on the other hand, a country which participates in those exercises has an army which knows what to expect if our politicians ever decide to grow spines and do what is best (I know, this is insane optimism).

  2. Word of advice: after establishing identity and risk of Troll level you might want to ditch the moderation. Nothing kills the fun of being part of an online OPEN mike community faster than the feeling of GCSB behavior of the hosts. Just saying.

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