Will latest Whaleoil sleaze empower the ‘Anyone But Collins’ National Party clique?



There is a power struggle erupting within National as Key’s grip on Parliament starts to wane and the logic of the polls slowly builds a clear majority leaning towards the Greens & Labour. The cost of the unity that National exhudes is that the vicious internal fighting is far deadlier. The pressures of that power struggle popped up unexpectedly last week in the Simon Bridges vs John Campbell interview with Bridges fronting to attack John purely to arouse National’s rump voter base, not to answer any actual questions about deep sea oil drilling.

This change of tactic, to flog a well perceived ‘liberal’ broadcaster to rally the more reactionary members of National’s electorate is a symptom of the factions within National building to fever pitch and no where is that activity most frantic than around Judith Collins.

What is most fascinating about the Luigi-Palino-Slater-Cook smear job is the amount of National Party insiders who are furious and terrified that any of their skullduggery will blowback on the rest of them.

Slater’s 180 degree turn by first championing Bevan to now calling her the Chinese Lisa Lewis are the words of a desperate man, a desperate man the MSM have given a very smooth ride to. Slater is the wolf that cried boy, attacking everyone for questioning his motives with all the logic of a defrocked monk hell bent on justifying his heresy.

If Bevan Chuang’s latest affidavit making all sorts of claims about the motives of those who sold this message and would politically benefit from outing the affair finds its way in front of the Police, what will be most interesting to watch is the relationship between Collins and Slater.

Slater is Collins favorite attack dog, the two of them are in contact far more directly and far more often than most guess and if Collins feels the internal tidal flows of influence leaving her because of a sense that she is tainted by the tactics of her pet, watch her start to put public distance between the two of them.

This would be a dangerous tactic as Slater is wedded to Collins and believes activating the white angry vote is an essential part of National winning 2014. This will come down to how publicly reactionary Collins wants to be, does she shun Slater or does she embrace him? Her public actions now will give a hint to how she will conduct her inevitable tilt at the leadership as Key’s ability to win fades.

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Collins knows she needs to soften her ‘Crusher’ image or risk becoming a polarizing figure that generates more resistance than support, to that end she may jettison Slater leaving NZs rogue blogger with no restraints.

Slater’s comic book villain status mutates more grotesquely by the day, and the dawning realization that some bloggers just want to see the world burn seems to be sinking into the National Party.


  1. Sorry if I’ve missed previous posts, but do you have any evidence for these claims? Your statements about the insides of the National Party just come across as wild speculation to someone like myself who has no idea what’s going on over there.

  2. ” What is most fascinating about the Luigi-Palini-Slater-Cook smear job is the amount of National Party insiders who are furious and terrified that any of their skullduggery will blowback on the rest of them. ”

    I bet there are some National Party politicians , their Old Labour Party minions and their financiers falling over each other in their offices in a blind panic as the paper shredders go into turbo-charged , over-drive right now .

    When those crooks hatched their complex plans they could never have known about the internet and Blogging / information sharing or the speed and power of the warp drive that , that information is now powered by .

    If collins miraculously manages a coupe and ousts jonky she’ll cause such a stink ; she’ll be so awful she’ll spark up a revolution . And that’s exactly what we need . We need an uprising to pull the psychopathic few’s fangs out of our collective necks .

    Most importantly however , is that they must be made to atone for what they’ve done to us . Not to just fade out and slip off to their Swiss Mansions with our money . ( Oops . Rant alert just went off . )

    Great Post Martyn . Beautifully written too . Sharpen your pencil and show no fear .

    Totally off topic but did you see a greasy fellow , surname Quirk ? He’s a big , whoopy-de-do , asset management , high falooter . He reckons him and his company are much better managing our retirement money than any silly old ‘ government ‘ run by us , for us .

    I say Go Global , Captain Quirk and see you’re becoming an anachronism . We’re becoming too savvy for that kind of fancy talk . Now , hop onto the Star Ship Enterpwize and fuck wight off .
    Planet Schmuck is on the other side of the Universe . They might fall for your bullshit there . In fact … From what I’m told by your fellow aliens , I think they may still wear flares , have shoulder pads , the males grow bushy sideburns , the females wear floral shirts with massive lapels and they think the 1982 Holden Commodore is the best car in their world , now and always . I bet you could lie to them to convince them give you their money , for your profit .

    DO NOT beam me up Scotty .

  3. Grotesque would be Collins doing the Parata. Go to charm school, present the softer, smiling side? The difficulties are obvious for Collins to at once be the Crusher, activating that white angry vote using a rabid attack dog while at the same time presenting a mellow, pleasant, amenable side.

    I’m looking forward to the practicalities needed to match Parata’s (sorry John Banks) transmogrification. Parata changed from “our failing schools, our underachieving kids, our hopeless teachers” to “our world class education system” in every second opening of the mouth with nary a blink of the eye.

    Can you picture it, Crusher down the back of Christchurch on a Friday night with the boy racers, transmogrifying into Cuddles Collins?

  4. The question political scientists ask is who benefits and who gains.
    Judith Collins built her career presenting herself as a market liberal and Aussie type liberal. It is virtually impossible to see her in that positioning as market liberalism only works if it is accompanied by a degree of social liberalism. Many of Reagans positions real and disguised were ultra liberal both senses. Both Ron and Nancy Reagan were strong supporters of liberal abortion as were all the Bush family and actually sabotaged any strong anti abortion moves with for eg such masterpieces a Sandra Day O’Connor and it was Reagan as Governor of California who passed extremely liberal abortion laws after 6 months close personal consideration of the issue.
    My view is that you can’t sell market liberalism if your not good looking. If your out of shape as Collins, Bennett etc it means your a peasant, lack control of your diet or are on drugs.
    I agree absolutely that Whale Oil and to a degree Hooton are Collins attack dogs , but I can’t see how they benefit given their known and likely beliefs.
    In terms of the so called Bevan Chung affair. The issue is was she chatting up and sleeping up Brown to advance her own personal, financial or political interests and career or was she advancing those of someone else or interest. My own view that the Chinese and HK immigants find Auckland and NZ are a bit of a mystery as its hard for anyone from outside Auckland to understand the real power sources in Auckland and the increasingly weird nature of developments. I am sure Bevan came to conclude that both Brown and Palino are no more than fronts and PR men for various left and right interests and essentially a waste of time. Given I oppose the loop and the high rise flats for the poor, the more the unitary plan is slowed the better. So if Lens effectiveness is reduced it will be of some valuer. The real reality is the an intelligent goodlooking chinese goer has had the expected difficulty of working what if anything is going on in NZ and who are the real powers in the land, other than a lot of very stupid people and interests. Anyone outside London, Moscow or Washingtons power centres and thinktanks would find it very difficult to unravel whats happening here. And no I don’t know.

  5. Some of the commenters never mind the posters here have well gone troppo, but, and another (trendy) but, Bomber has consistently, though not always, proved correct in his predictions.

  6. John Polino: I was never part of any (blackmail) plot

    Stuff.co.nz October 20, 2013, 05:00

    Chuang claimed in a statement provided to Sunday Star-Times yesterday that at her meeting with Palino, he had asked her to help “get Len by the end of the week” – the earlier the better.

    The idea was get him to step down due to “poor health”, she said, adding: “Palino continues to remind me that it needs to be done in the beginning of the week.”

    Chuang said Palino had spoken about plans to build a fusion Chinese restaurant in Auckland “and will ask me for assistance”. Palino indicated campaign team member Luigi Wewege could become his chief of staff “and asked what I would like to do”.

    Chuang said she spoke to Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater later that night, who indicated that he would use her text messages to pressure Brown “to stand down”.

    Colin Espiner

    So did any of Chuang’s texts land on Mayor Brown’s desk in the form of a veiled threat, from the Polini camp as Chuang alleged she was told they would?

    Even if the Mayor in a panic deleted these texts, could they still be retrieved?

    And even if they couldn’t, would the Mayor’s testimony as to their content be enough for a jury?

    Terror inside the National Party

    “What is most fascinating about the Luigi-Palino-Slater-Cook smear job is the amount of National Party insiders who are furious and terrified that any of their skullduggery will blowback on the rest of them.”

    Martyn Bradbury

    I am not surprised.

    In the light of Bevan Chuang’s latest revelations, I imagine that anyone in the National Party with even the slightest connection to to Slater, or Polino, will be running, and ducking for cover.

    Did the Slater, Wewege, Polini gang actually go through with their plan to blackmail the Mayor to stand down, “due to poor health”, and nothing else will be said?

    Can any of this mess be linked to us, will be the burning question in the back of their minds?

    The National Party’s favourite blogger, Cameron Slater, claims that Bevan Chuang’s latest revelations are “outrageous” and untrue.

    Guilty, or innocent, with Blackmail carrying a maximum prison sentence of 14 years, not even Cameron Slater would be stupid enough to admit to it.

    I imagine that these firm buddies will start ripping each other apart fairly soon. If I was John Polino, I would leave the country. (just in case)

  7. On this one, I fear, Martyn maybe a bit ahead of himself, as I cannot see Collins and her small camp seriously going to challenge Key as yet. I cannot see Collins risking her future chances and reputation by maintaining a too close and visible relationship to Cam Slater.

    Is it perhaps not rather that Collins is somehow close to the Slater family, and with that perhaps more to the father than son?

    I will watch this space, but do not expect an internal power battle in National before they lose the 2014 election. As mad or desperate as they are, they will not take such risks, and do all to keep the party gang members in line.

    Cameron Slater may be enjoying much media and blog attention, but I see this fade very soon and quickly, as the wider public do increasingly have a very dim view of this character and his shenanigans.

    • I personally think Key won’t make it till next election. With the stress of the GCSB Bill he must of been thinking around that time. “I don’t need this I’ve got $50m in the bank” and retire. But National don’t have any credible coalition partners even if the Conservatives win a seat will their party vote be enough to get National across the line? I don’t think so. The Maori party I think will be lucky to win a seat which I don’t think will still be enough to get National across the line. No they will have to turn to NZ First and I can not see Winston and Key coming together. I think National will get rid of Key in order to buddy up to NzFirst.

      • @ CURTIS OMELVENA – Key’s making noises indicating he might approach the Conservative party about forming a coalition. That pairing up should be quite interesting, because at the last election one of Colin Craig’s main policies was a definite NO to asset sales!

        Apart from the threat of a new revitalized Labour firing on all cylinders now, Key realizes he is going to have a struggle on his hands next year, considering the motley bunch he’s relying on to keep power. There really isn’t much hope for National when the PM has to keep the useless Dunne and Banks onside, the latter having to go to trial to face alleged fraud charges at some time! As for the Maori Party, I think it is on the way out. Labour will go all out to win the Maori seats and given its new vitality and progressive leadership, it’s likely to become a reality.

        Winston is a wiley old sod and good value in politics. However, he will go with whichever party offers the best deal for Winston I think.

        So from that summation, with National looking a bit worse for wear, in desperation and frustration Key just might walk before the election next year! Whichever way it goes, if Key stays or not, there will be a Labour/Greens/Mana and maybe a NZ First coalition government next year. Kiwis are waking up.

    • So can we expect to see Cameron Slater and some of his mates in the dock any time soon?

      Or is Winston Peters right in saying that our police force, so quick to persecute the Left, are “pulling their punches for political reasons” when it comes to the illegal activities of the Extreme Right?

      Police were lax: Peters October 20, 2013 at 5:30 am

      The big picture question raised by Peters accusation: Is that a politised police force that refuses to act against the excesses of the Right, but persecutes the left with a vigour an venom even past the point of illegality on a number of occasions, is a danger to our democracy.

  8. Just in case the Sex/Blackmail scandal threatens to get too close to his own political borders. The Prime Minister makes threatening noises about possessing his own nuclear arsenal of sleaze about the opposition.

    Key admits to keeping dirt file on Labour MPs
    ONE NEWS October 21,2013, at 7:12 pm

    “I’ve had plenty of people who’ve rung me up with information about Labour MPs,” he said.

    “And I’ve done the same thing to every person that’s rung me. I’ve written it down, put it in my top drawer and kept it to myself.

    (No doubt, to fill this draw, and verify its contents, it helps being the Minister for the Security Services and all the intelligence, that comes from being head over the GCSB and SIS who now have the legislative power to know everyone’s secrets)

    A sleaze hot war at the local body level, in a toxic chain reaction, has led to a sleaze, cold war, arms race, at the national level.

    Will Labour now announce that they too have a draw full of sleaze on the Nats. in an escalating balance of terror?

    Or are the Nats the only Superpower with silos full of sleaze?

    So will MAD all out intercontinental ballistic sleaze warfare break out between the Labour and National Parties?

    • John Key: Blackmailer in chief

      John Key makes great play of the fact that he keeps his dirt file in a top drawer. And doesn’t reveal it.

      Key admits to keeping dirt file on Labour MPs
      ONE NEWS October 21,2013, at 7:12 pm

      “I’ve written it down, put it in my top drawer and kept it to myself. I’m just not interested in engaging in it.”

      Whoopie de doo

      Like any blackmailer Key sits on the dirt he has collected on his opponents. This information loses it’s power to threaten, the moment Key reveals it. It is the threat of this dirt being made public, that gives it its power.

      The fact that he collects and keeps such a file reveals him as a thug and manipulator.

  9. Xox
    As National and Labs file away the dirt on the other, the corporate overlords carry on regardless. No wonder JK keeps smiling, albeit a bit strained.

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