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Cameron Slater Bug

The Brown-Chuang-Palino rom-com has become a cross between the Sopranos & the Clintons with more slimy details of this affair sinking it into another level of the sewer. Turns out after denying any knowledge of anything, Palino actually met with Chuang late night in a carpark two days before Slater announced the odious details on his toxic blog because we all meet people we barely know late at night in carparks for chit chat n stuff eh?

We don’t do it to heavy fragile people into public confessions.

Add to this that Palino’s campaign team via Luigi Wewege had been insinuating payback and jobs while putting pressure on Chuang to go public with the affair, (an affair that Len and her had consummated only once this year), and this starts smelling rotten.

Palino has gone from “I know nothing”, to “I know something” in the space of days.

We need to also believe that Slater mentioned nothing of this to his father, John Slater who was Palino’s campaign manager and that Luigi who went to Slater’s Candidate Camp didn’t mention any of this to anyone despite apparently boasting at the Backbenches filming in Auckland that he had something big brewing.

That none of this nest of gossiping vipers spoke to anyone else about a goal they all seemed to be moving towards is something that requires large amounts of medical morphine to make convincing.

Is Slater seriously trying to now suggest he’s a victim of Chuang’s lust for revenge as well? His latest backpedaling ‘fact sheet’ over at Whaleoil is delusional in its shamelessness.

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The Nation put to Slater today that Palino, far from knowing nothing, was actually the architect of this smear attack on Brown. Slater is smart enough to have a paper trail he can point to to claim he is just a poor innocent player in all of this, what everyone else seems to have been saying in these messages however tells a completely different story.

Slater is the wolf that cries boy, to believe butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth requires even larger doses of medical morphine.

It was Slater’s desire to scrape the barrel of lewd details from a woman who seems to have been used by absolutely everyone who came into contact with her that is the real shamelessness here. Len, Luigi, Palino, Slater & Cook have all used Chuang for their own ends but for Slater to cry foul at ‘shooting the messenger’ is just an absurdity, because in this case it is the messenger and all those who were looking to gain politically from the message who are the problem here.

What-she-says-is-true to what-she-says-isn’t-true in less than a week is a record even for Slater.


  1. Slater also went from believing everything Chuang said in the early days, to now questioning the veracity of her recent statements. Can’t have it both ways, Cam.

  2. Thanks for reporting on this. It’s on mute now on 3 plus 1. Can’t stand listening to bullshit. One observation: it always pisses me off who it’s the right wing extremists that get all the play time on this show – and I pay for it throughNZ on Air.

  3. And people in New Zealand still seem to believe in the political process. In Europe and America the realization that both “left” and “right” parties are really centrist corporate serving ass wipes has been growing. Here it seems we are caught up on meaningless bullshit from assholes pretending to serve the public.

    A real act of defiance is to not cast a vote. Playing the “rich boys club” game, I.e voting, will achieve nil.

    • I have a great deal of sympathy for this view. The main parties are precisely as he describes, only worse. Held in thrall to the crackpot economic ‘theories’ of the Chicago School, of which Milton Friedman was its most outspoken proponent, and the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Roger Douglas, Ruth Richardson trotting along shovelling as much of their nation’s wealth into the ravening maws of their corporate elites…

      …and it continues yet! The so-called ‘austerity’ measures, which a few thinking voices in the wilderness knew damned well would make things worse, are beginning already to open the door – as predicted by those same voices – to extremist political movements. Dormant for so long, they are beginning to waken. Those that find themselves up against the wall when the Revolution comes will have only themselves to blame. It will have been they who created these extremists as their own antibody.

      Having precious little faith in the electoral or the political ‘system’, I still vote though. True, once my vote consisted of scrawling across the ballot paper something like ‘I turn up at this polling booth to perform by civil duty as an elector, and this is the best you can offer me!!??’ For mine that’s a vote.

      I still feel that way a lot of the time. Not having anything to vote for, I vote against. You know: that ad that says ‘If you don’t vote, you can’t complain’ really, REALLY gets on ma tits. Of course you have a right to complain. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I regard all non-votes, all abstentions, all stay-at-homes as expressing their vote of no confidence.

      But even worse for mine, is the assumption by such advertising that you will have something to complain about! Such is the calibre of leadership (leadership, forsooth – yeah, the same leadership exhibited by criminal gangs, only less competent!) – such is the calibre of leadership that we can expect.

  4. This is may sound weird .
    I’m overjoyed that all this horrible poison is being squeezed out of the political pimple that is Aucklands local body politics .
    In the old days , when I was naught but a boy , all this stuff would have been buried deep in the dark , dark woods and you’d never have known about it .
    Chuang played with fire and got burned . So what ?
    Brown fucked some girl . So what ?
    Browns family must be suffering . Again , so what ?
    Slater is trying to promote his ego on the carrion of that slaughter . So what ?

    At the risk of looking silly for answering my own question I say , I can tell you ‘ so what ‘ . We’re here talking about it and I can see the inherent goodness in people and that’s the overwhelming winner here . The good that defines us as a unique species is the winner . All heil the Blog !

    Luigi Wewege and Palino ? Look closely ? Can you can see the Italian mafioso trying to get a foot hold in Auckland politics . Poor bastards . Good luck to them Hahah !

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