Luigi Wewege, Whaleoil and Judith Collins walk into a bar… UPDATE:


Cameron Slater Bug

Luigi Wewege’s world is starting to unravel but when does his involvement in National Party candidate camps start coming out?

The suspicion that Len Brown has been set up by a vicious right wing smear job isn’t going away.

On top of the pressure he put upon Chuang to re-engage with Brown and record events while also having a relationship with Chuang, some other questions need to be asked of this self-made Machiavellian mastermind, Luigi Wewege.

-Did Luigi brag at the National Party candidate camps that ‘he’d made it’ and would soon be replacing Murray McCully?
-Was Luigi bragging at the Auckland filming of Backbenchers that ‘he had something big brewing’?
-How well do Slater and Luigi know each other?

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In last nights Citizen A, Matthew Hooton was very much of the opinion that the relationship had been manipulated by some on the right but he also added that Brown supporters may have texted serious threats to her once they started realizing how involved right wing players had become in the affair.

If it comes out that there was manipulation by some of these right wing agents in trapping Len with his own desires, the mood is going to swing wildly against those on the right who are seen to be promoting this style of grubby entrapment politics.

There are already some within National who are questioning how much blowback this could create.

Questions need to be asked of Judith Collins if she supports the tactics of her favorite attack dog and his devotees. How much distance will Judith Collins start making between herself and Slater?


UPDATE: The Nation on TV3 are promising explosive new revelations in the Len Brown affair – I’ve heard what they are and if true are going to put immense pressure upon the Right well beyond Slater to explain their involvement in what is starting to look like a very dirty and sleazy attack on Brown. You will want to tune into The Nation tomorrow morning. 


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if that anonymous text to Bevan Chuang came from the same camp that spilled the beans.


  2. Only Bradbury could traverse the illogical distance from a hot little seductress in the Mayor’s Office, to the vast right wing conspiracy. Remember folks this precious little fairy innocent turned up in Slater’s Office with lurid, salacious and destructive detail [ un-verified except for the affair] . So therefore Slater is a bully, Len is a sexual creep, Bradbury can not think rationally and so on.

  3. Nice one Bomber. What a grubby business which no one comes out of smelling of roses. In 2013 does any really care whether the mayor shags someone (or vice versa) either once or serially. I well recall when President D’Estang of France had an road traffic accident at 5.00a.m. one morning driving from his mistresses house in Paris and the media was more interested in the damage to the milk truck than anything else. Did the French raise any eyebrows when Mitterand’s wife and mistress attended his presidential funeral?

    Grow up New Zealand – people screw each other… It’s not news.

    • Looking at the content of the original page and comparing it to what’s there now, Luigi Wewege’s world is starting to unravel is an understatement.
      Luigi Wewege’s world is going to hell in a handcart is closer to the mark.

  4. …Will part of this charade come back and bite National Party in the Ass …… But then again , when they can manipulate main stream media ,it will all blow over.

  5. Hahah ! You know you’re onto something when you start attracting the attention of Dark Side Minions like @ lolitasbrother .

    Good work Bomber . You must be infuriating the bastards .

    I can’t believe how much life is imitating art . I see ‘Boardwalk Empire ‘ everywhere . You can’t write this stuff .

    And who the fuck is Luigi Wewege ! Hahahaa ahah ! Brilliant ! While people fret about paying the power bill and others have to comfort their kids in new and dangerous schools , these cunts do this shit . Hahahahahaha! Oh my God ! It’s all so funny .
    ( Sorry about the sweary words . )

  6. Thing is, no political party can condone this level of nasty revelations. Yes Len Brown is a fool wrt this whole stupid mess but the main parties know that unleashing style of political shit storms would drag the whole political scene to a new low.
    Explains why John Key has been pragmatic and sensible in his response. No political party can let this sort of attack dog action stand

  7. Ok . I just googled Luigi Wewege .

    Lets export him NOW !

    Lets send him to Liberia . The cannibals would welcome him with open mouths .

  8. I despair the state of our mainstream TV journalism after watching the Nation – I has hoped Smallie could land a killer punch on Whale Fat but no- she and Campbell are too nice – what hope is there ?

  9. If Luigi still wants a political career, might I suggest he returns to his ancestral land, Italy, and apply to become a pimp for Silvio Berlesconi’s “bunga bunga” parties.

  10. Bunch of scummy creeps, the lot of them, all the way from the top, down! Once caught out, like the low life they are, they go to ground!

    Everywhere you look, if there’s corruption and filth to be had, there will be a very close connection to the corrupt Gnats! They are like a toxic plague!

  11. Like a nuclear mushroom cloud, the toxic fallout from the Len Brown/Bevan Chuang affair is enveloping everyone within its radius.

    Tracey Watkin “MPs wary” October 19, 2013 at 5:08 am

    Mutually Assured Destruction
    – the consequences of going for the nuclear option.

    Just like a nuclear conflagration, the Brown/Chuang scandal is burning up everyone near its epicentre.

    Witness the political disintegration of John Polino, caught out lying about his foreknowledge of, and involvement in, the release of this scandal. Claiming he had no knowledge that Luigi Wegewe and Bevan Chuang were an item despite a photo published in The NZ Herald of the three of them. In the Herald photo Wegewege has his arm around Chuang, Chuang rests her head on Wegewege’s shoulder, meanwhile Polino leans in to be captured in the photographic moment. Since then even more damaging to Polino, revelations of a private meeting between Polino and Chuang in Mission Bay on the eve of her breaking the story.

    Tracey Watkin comments on the politicly damaging manner and method of the release by team Polino of the humiliating detail of Mayor Brown’s affair. Noting numerous occasions of marital infidelity in politicians from Lange to Brash that never got this sort of treatment.

    …all politicians have good reason to fear the Bevan Chuang story as a potential game changer. Because it is not the affair that has damaged Brown so much as the explicit detail accompanying the expose.

    As one MP noted, it is the sort of detail that you usually only read on the back of a toilet door. It is hard to imagine a humiliation more complete.

    Tracey Watkin “MPs wary” October 19, 2013 at 5:08 am

    But why did Polino choose to go to the political version of Defcon 1?

    Yes, Polino is a neophyte politician, with little experience.

    Yes, Polino was working under the double handicap of a dearth of good advisers, and the ones he did have, were self promoting, Machiavellian, manipulators with towering egos, each with their own agendas. (Their own self aggrandisement uppermost). And despite their poor judgement, convinced of their own self importance.

    But apart from these handicaps, I think that Polino was mainly tempted to resort to such tactics, because of his inability to actually discuss any of the substantive issues, or outline any sort of plan or vision for the city.

    I hope that politicians of all stripes can take warning from this, and instead of trying to avoid them, stick to addressing the substantive issues. And if they haven’t got anything intelligent to contribute, either for, or against, don’t stoop to taking the low road.

  12. Shoot The Messenger

    “If it’s true… I’d be quite disgusted” Rob Nesbit-Savage

    Following a damaging report written by John weekes and Kathryn Powley, who relate that Chuang met with Palino in a Mission Bay carpark, and that Chuang claims that they discussed using an affadavit sworn by Chuang to pressure Brown to step down.

    Chuang makes it very clear that she did not want this story to land in the public arena. Chuang says she gave her affidavit as to the nature of her relationship with Brown, including deeply embarrassing over the top prurient detail, on the understanding that it would only be used in a ploy to pressure Brown to step down. And on the further understanding that, she would be protected, and that a cover story would be concocted, that Brown was stepping down because of ill health, which would be the story that would be released into the public arena.

    This fits.
    From this iteration of events, we can understand the reason that Chuang was moved to include as much deeply personally damaging, and embarrassingly prurient details, as possible.

    These allegations from Chaung are very damaging to Polino, relating as they do to blackmailing a public figure, which is an actionable criminal offence.

    But the fallout may spread even further, as a number of the key players are very close to the National Party.

    Coincidently immediately a number of reports have come out, that attack Chuang’s credibility. One prominent report on tried to to draw a line between Chuang and unsolicited offers for her to do a porn video, which we were told she has “taken a very keen interest in it”. But which Chuang has denied.

    Chuang denies interest in porn star role

    The same pornographer also claims to have intimate naked photos of Chuang, that he is trying to get legal permission to use, which point to the probability that these images did not come from Chuang, and are in the nature of revenge porn. (Most likely arising from within the Palino camp).

    Probably even more damaging to Chuang’s credibility is a deeply contradictory but unattributed report on in which Chuang is alleged to have said that though she did not want this story to get out, but also, that she had wanted Brown to resign.

    “Brown’s former mistress yesterday expressed her regret over the affair going public, and said she never wanted Brown to resign from the mayoralty.”

    Unattributed October 20, 2013, 5:00 am.

    The above sentence includes two statements that are mutually exclusive.

    If she did not want Brown to resign – and she did not want the affair to become public, why was Chuang moved to sign a legal affidavit harmful to Brown?

    • Oops correction: Last sentence before the final quote should read, “….Chuang is alleged to have said that though she did not want this story to get out, but also, that she had not wanted Brown to resign.”

    • Bevan Chuang stated also, she voted for Brown, but strangely she was also standing as a candidate for the Citizens and Ratepayers. She was still seeing Brown in July, but at the same time had tied connections with Palino’s support team. No matter how you look at it, and as much there is clearly a “conspiracy” of sorts, that was schemed by the ones around Wewege, Cook and Slater, Bevan did herself no favours.

      She is so full of contradictions on some matters, everything must be scrutinised carefully, and backed up by some evidence. It seems at least the TV3 (The Nation) obtained a lot of text messages and other information that prove what they reported.

      More will most likely come out over time, and it looks like Wewege’s, possibly also Palino’s, and certainly Cook’s and Slater’s plans are now backfiring.

      Cameron Slater “sunk” the Truth to its final death, hopefully somehow he will sink his blog also at some stage.

      Meanwhile it seems, National Party figures are desperately doing all to distance themselves from all the ones involved.

  13. Prior to the local body elections, I heard that John Palino was a mate of John Key! If Palino is/was a friend, given what’s evolved, with the Gnat team involved in this fiasco really soiling their pants, Key will pull the old tried and trusted major memory lapse – “John Palino? I have no recollection of having met him!” Happens every time.

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