Dear John Banks – ‘Na na, na na na nah, hey hey hey – GOODBYE!’



I can’t decide what makes me more thrilled, Eleanor Catton and Lorde’s incredible creative successes or John Banks forced to face justice for his political corruption.

I’m going to say Banks, because I can always re-read The Luminaries or replay Pure Heroine. The delicious joy of watching this political zombie whose double dealing, blind eye turning, bare faced breach of the rules by taking anonymous donations that were never anonymous get his comeuppance is a triumph of process and natural justice that rarely ever gets handed out to one of the protected old boys.

In his evidence, Kim Dotcom said he had felt offended when John Banks told him his $50,000 campaign would have to be anonymous. Banks told him: “Kim, if I help you in the future it’s better if nobody knows about your donation.” This on top of SkyCity handing him ‘anonymous donations’ in envelopes with their logo on them make total farce of Banks unblinking explanations of ignorance.

Beyond this, Banks has rotted away any political integrity ACT once had by voting for GCSB legislation that allows mass surveillance. For a Party founded on a less intrusive state, such a betrayal of principle would be akin to John Key raising the top tax bracket to fund a tax free Christmas bonus for beneficiaries.

Banks is a maggot bloated, hypocrisy reeking political corpse who should be dealt with all the mercy a surgeon treats a malignant tumor. The smell of rot infects every pore of this Government as John Key desperately requires ACTs one vote to pass his most vicious policy and it can’t be long before Key’s House of Cards start to implode from such flawed foundations.

Roll on snap election 2014.


  1. Singers and writers are a dime a dozen (no matter how good or successful they are) – getting Banks to face charges while this government is in power is the equivalent of being the first to climb Mount Everest.

  2. “Banks is a maggot bloated, hypocrisy reeking political corpse who should be dealt with all the mercy a surgeon treats a malignant tumor”.

    John Banks ” Cameron, I have something important to tell you”

    Cameron Slater ” Oh yes ? What can that be John ?”

    John Banks ” I’m your father”

  3. i’m with you its timely that banks starts being accountable for his lying actions – perhaps this can set a precedent and we could have crowd sourcing to fund taking our lying cheating politicians to court to enforce accountability – the next crowd sourcing should be to take the police to court for their treatment of the people at Tuhoe –

  4. I never thought I’d live to see the day .

    I thrill at this . I’m indulging in pure schadenfreude . Off you toddle shorty .

  5. Isn’t it interesting to note, under the rock dweller Slater isn’t publicizing the corrupt activities of the rancid Banks? And here’s me thinking his blog site Whaleoil was the Gnats official media outlet!

  6. Ha ha! well written Martyn. I couldn’t agree with you more! There have been times watching him lie with open contempt when I have lost all hope for our political system. Now I have hope that some of the disgusting political whores currently in government will also meet their commuppance.

  7. Ugh, horrible imagery in that description of John Banks.

    But apt.

    The guy’s career was over really when, while seeking re-election as Auckland’s mayor, his self-promotional website had nothing on the “endorsements” page except letters from schoolkids that their teachers had obviously made them write, stiffly thanking “Mr Mayor” for visiting their school. That’s as good an endorsement as you will ever get from anyone about Mr Banks… except for maybe Mr Key.

    That was over a decade ago… since then Banks’ career has indeed been a rotting corpse animated only by… who knows what.

  8. And now Banks is applying for an urgent review of the outcome of his recent hearing, indicating there is a case to answer at trial.

    An urgent review? WTF?

  9. And now the Bankster is calling for an urgent review of the outcome of the judgement regarding his recent hearing!

    An urgent review? WTF?

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