BREAKING: Jock Anderson fired from NBR for supporting Len Brown?



Breaking news – sources say Jock Anderson has been fired from the NBR for publishing an editorial yesterday that was in support of Len Brown.

15 minutes after publishing the editorial, Jock was told to remove it, hours after that he was sacked.

It’s not the first time Jock has been sacked from the NBR, he was sacked in 2006 as well.


  1. Could it be that Minto and Mana powered by the Blogs have given the Auckland Neo Right such a fright in the polls that they’re now mindlessly throwing hand grenades at each other in the hope that someone , somewhere will die of anything immediately ?

    I see banksy is in deep shit too . Hmm ?

  2. NBR’s take on it

    National Business Review publisher Todd Scott in a brief statement today said: “We do not comment on internal employment issues but I can confirm Mr Jock Anderson was dismissed yesterday for failing to comply with specific instructions to treat coverage of the Len Brown affair in an impartial and unbiased manner.”

    It’s the “specific instructions” that worry me.

    • Bit of a larf that – NBR claiming to uphold “impartial and unbiased” as journalistic values.

      Jock claims the NBR is his “spiritual home”.
      Well, if you choose to live with vipers, expect to be bitten occasionally.

      (struggling to be overwhelmed with sympathy)

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