A brief word on there being no right wing conspiracy in vilifying Len Brown


Cameron Slater Bug

And it all starts coming out now doesn’t it? Beyond the hypocrisy of Slater and the ugly tactics of Cook, the manipulation of Chuang at the hands of her ‘boyfriend’ Luigi Wewege and Slater starts asking far more questions than the seedy details of the allegations.

I had heard of Wewege’s name yesterday as the tip line went into overdrive on TDB. Apparently Chuang was in a ‘relationship’ with him June/July of this year.

So here’s what we all need to believe now for this not to be a right wing conspiracy of hateful proportions. Slater didn’t mention any of this to his father who was Palino’s campaign manger while Chuang was in a ‘relationship’ with a Palino staff member who was pressuring her to spill the dirt.

I wonder where Cam was living earlier this year? I wonder, I wonder, I wonder. And why?

I said yesterday that I had pity for Chuang because whatever Slater, Cook and Wewege had promised her was going to be false self-interested garbage that wouldn’t prepare her in any way shape or form for the backlash that would drown her for their politically negative ends, and it looks like that regret is setting in early.

Chuang seems to have been used by every man in this sordid story, and that is the real tragedy here. How on earth can any of these men feel proud of the way they have all used her?

This is ugly and getting uglier by the second.

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  1. Agree Bomber.

    Also as more muck is being thrown at Len Brown from the right, the worse the situation is for them! Through his close association with the grubby Slaters and Co, John Palino can kiss goodbye to any political aspirations!

    As the scenario gets uglier, with the awful Luigi Wewege now in the picture, Len is emerging as being the lesser evil in this whole issue!

  2. To be used by one person (in this case male) is an understandable error of judgement – to be used by three or more (in this case male) kind of makes you complicit to some extent doesn’t it? An exception to this would have to involve some sort of involuntary coercion like blackmail for instance.

  3. The real “tragedy” here is the damage done to the Left(or at least it’s image) as a result of Brown’s stupidity.

    • The “Left” has an image ? That’s a worry…
      I put it all down to a failure of our education system and the neglect of mid to late Victorian literature. If Len had been conversant with such he would have known that it’s not why, when, how, or even what, but where you stick your Dickens.

  4. The Right hates Len Brown’s plans for Auckland transport and they hate the Auckland unitary plan (as the values of their homes may go down with intensification). They knew he’ll probably win the second term as well. This affair has come handy for them to indirectly, through Slater who always does their dirty work, try and push Brown out of office. But alas, somewhere, somehow, all’s gone sideways.

  5. Blah blah bloodie blah – all nonsense – Leonard you do not have enough nonce to be Mayor. Fancy allowing yourself to be blindsided so easily. When all the bullshite commentary stops I hope you wake up to the fact the bit you think with is above your belly button. My sympathies to your Wife and Daughters – that’s where you failed big time. Go drive a Bus.

  6. The good thing to come of all this, is that the more National use the services of Cameron Slater as their unofficial spear carrier, the more National will be seen by the public as synonymous to this sleaze merchant.

    PS. Great pic of the slater. Maybe your next depiction could be of the slater jumping the shark on water skies.

    • Jenny – I was thinking exactly the same today! Yes, the whole sleezy and manipulative, even bullying tactics used by Slater and his “team”, that proves at least how immoral and corrupt they are.

      I take pleasure and enjoy quoting it, that some have connected Slater and others to ones like “Crusher Collins” and others in National. The more such shit is served up to the public, and the more the public sees that it is disgusting, the more of it all will reflect negatively on National. It can help to further drive up the polls of the opposition, and drive down the support in the polls for this rotten party that runs the country into the ground, morally at least.

      • For a man so obsessed with guns, insurgency, and clever maxims, Slater must be aware that he is running up against Clausewitz on this. In summary, even the advantages of superior experience, equipment or tactics are essentially goverened by the law of diminishing returns. Repeated engagements familiarise the enemy with your advantages where a decisive outcome has not been reached.

        I would liken their takedown on Brown to the Schlieffen Plan; had it gone the way they wanted to, a quick knockout would have occurred, with Brown taking the easy way out and resigning before the workings could be exposed. By not resigning, time has been granted to ‘show all working’ as it were, and so we have Chuang’s disclosure of the connections with Wewege, which have linked us Palino, Slater the elder, the young Nats, and back to Wewege, Slater the younger, and Simon Lusk. This represents a strategic failure, and compromises future operations. As with the POA affair or the Aaron Gilmore affair, the names creep ever more out of the periphery and into the centre of the story. Soon they will find their comforable deniability harder and harder to maintain.

        For their adherents, this won’t matter within the confines of their echo chamber, but in terms of their wider goal of shifting the political centre, a saturation point will soon be reached, and even willing merchants of sleaze like Duncan Garner will start finding it hard to buy in on a Slater narrative without it being seen immediately for what it is.

  7. So is Bevan Chuang the helpless victim in all this? I am sorry, I do not agree. She chose to play with fire, she sought the contacts she was involved with, she flirted with them, consented to sexual encounters not only with Len Brown, but also Luigi Wewege (from the Palino and National Party camp), and I am almost certain, she will have “courted” others.

    In her affidavit she claimed she caught a STD and suspected to have got it off Len, now we know she herself had other sexual contacts, some of whom may have had their own further contacts with other ones also.

    Although she was of course taken advantage of by Wewege, then also by Cook and Slater, she collaborated. Getting a text message from Brown to not go to the media, that is not “intimidation”, is may have been a firm request.

    What was she intending to gain out of all this, as there must have been a motivator. There also was a motivator to have an affair with Brown for 2 years, and claims it was not nice what Len did, belated and afterwards, are not convincing me that she is without any guilt of having had ulterior motives while continuing contacts with Brown.

    So after it all turns to a total mess for her, now she is supposed to be the victim of it all? Come on, this is naive and ridiculous.

    I do not dispute that all the men took advantage of her in various ways, but does Bevan Chaung have no ability to think and judge.

    It is kind of unfair to allege she was the victim all along, as that suggests she could not think logically and strongly enough, and could not act on warning signs to stop and move on. Women can think for themselves, and most do so, and would not enter into such “adventures”.

    As much as I condemn Slater and his gang and connections, as much as I disapprove of Len Brown’s hypocrisy and sexual opportunism, basically using a younger woman for pleasure, Bevan Chaung is not innocent in this, hence I have only little pity for her. She is learning an immensely painful lesson out of all this, and if she does not, she deserves no pity.

    Apart from all this, I suppose she does need some supportive outside “help” now, to get through all this shit!

    • Helpless? No. Stupidly, naively ambitious? Yes. Used and abused by all of these self-serving, slime-ball politicos. Absolutely!
      Chuang may not be deserving of our unreserved sympathy but pretty much every other player in this sorry affair deserves our contempt.

    • I’m sorry but your speculations and allegations against Chuang have a faint whiff of the racist and sexist about them. I can’t think of why else you are so fixated on her motivations and of painting them in a negative light, which just detracts from the bigger picture.

      In another post, you made some pretty massive generalisations and seemingly unfounded personal observations (based upon…what? evidence, please?) about the behaviour of millions, if not billions, of people of a certain race who are spread across a huge land mass.

      “This is nothing that unusual in Hong Kong (where Len’s love sport partner comes from) or other places in East or South East Asia. Some “ladies” that have ambitions, are adventurous and smart, they know how to get a powerful or rich man enticed.

      The way such things are usually handled there is, to keep the “lady” quiet by looking after her, and no big fuss develops. The lover gets some perks and advantages, and the powerful, usually older man has his fun, besides of being married.

      Len always held himself up as a committed family man. He also claims to be a Christian.

      So this is all about trust, and as Len is not the typical, generous East Asian “sugar-daddy”, he now gets exposed and dealt to. A hypocrite cheating on his wife, while claiming to believe in his religion, that looks bad. Nasty stuff, this is, and New Zealanders better wake up, that with diverse cultures, we have a changing country with diverse “customs”. Not all of that is good, I am afraid.”

      I find these assumptions about “East or South East Asians” offensive – and your last (once again, massive) claim is, quite frankly, pretty xenophobic.

      • Your oversensitive and personalised view and criticism of what I said is taken note of.

        I do think you may lack experience of living outside of NZ (in truly different cultures), and to actually understand what goes on in some countries I have been to. And if you have been there, you may have only been a “tourist” and seen the surface. I met many Chinese, have been to Hong Kong, have lived and flatted with many, and also other people from other cultures.

        Sadly cultural, systemic and other pressures exist, here as in other places, but some are over idealistic and see only the surface, failing to realise complexities. You may, like many, wish for an ideal society, where we all respect each other, treat each other fairly and honestly, but that is not the reality in many cases, I am afraid, given everyday experiences and observations most have.

        I feel many New Zealanders could do with extended overseas life experiences in various cultures. Some do, many do not.

        I was not being racist, and I think you read something into it that you wish to read into it, due to your own prejudice perhaps.

        Migrants that come to New Zealand, or any other countries, bring positive, but in some cases also negative influences with them. So that is where I come from, and you may feel free to interpret as you like, it does not change my experiences and views.

        Good luck!

      • “In another post, you made some pretty massive generalisations and seemingly unfounded personal observations (based upon…what? evidence, please?) about the behaviour of millions, if not billions, of people of a certain race who are spread across a huge land mass.”

        Sorry, but I am not aware of having made such claims. Please point out the “comment” of that nature, that I am supposed to have made!

          • MAMA – You still have not pointed out that hypothetical comment that you described above as me having made somewhere, and that I referred to!

            I also read that NZ Herald article you are linking to a day ago. There is nothing I disagree with in it.

            I was not so much applying “generalisations”, but referring to societal differences (also in “culture”), and that “affairs” of the type that Len Brown and Bevan Chaung had, tend to be treated differently in some other places. This would likely never make it to the public in some countries I referred to, given censorship of blogs, the media, and the “standards” they would apply and enforce. Also keeping persons quiet by paying them with favours and money is more common in some places than others.

            Now, do you think the social media or even the press are as free everywhere, as here in NZ (without raising all the issues the media has here)?

            Maybe I am just deluded to think that things are really not quite the same everywhere else, and that it is not fair or “appropriate” to even question that social and cultural conditions may be different in various countries.

            I struggle to see much reason in your argument. But live and let live, differing experiences and opinions will continue to somehow co-exist.

    • She is a mixed up, loose cannon who has lost the future she has craved. Her life is ruined. But, she certainly has been used by the Palino, C. Slater and J. Slater and the whoever else political machine which has hopefully put another nail in the neo-liberal coffin. Brown is a fool like many men – his personal standing is low. I only have sympathy for his family and Chuang’s family.

  8. I can’t help but find all this rather hysterically funny, the picture is hilarious for a start. How this young small Asian female burlesque dancer managed to get power over all these supposedly older ‘powerful’ men, amazing. (Shit in your nest and lie in it isn’t that the saying). I hope Len’s gorgeous wife leaves him, and what kind of role model is Len to his daughters, how would he react if the future husband of one of his daughters did this behind their backs? He’d want to kill him I’m sure? Or would he say that a man has needs beyond his wife? Well it really is sad, but still shows how woman can easily play a silly man. Now they all have egg on their faces. He did this to his own reputation, life, wife and family, what can you say really….? It is amazing he got away with this for so long, didn’t he have a cold sweat at the thought of this coming out? Obviously not as he carried on regardless. “Amazing stories!!”.

  9. Seems like the little lady lets it all hang out and adds spice. She went to Slater and used him to get the biggest bang. And l this is Slaters fault?

  10. Len needs to come to back out South and ask for forgiveness, before we should support him again.

    He did campaign on being the family man and holding Christian values – this trust has been broken, but it can be repaired if he shows he is truly remorseful.

    No one is perfect, but we need to front up to the ones we have done wrong, admit we have made a mistake and then ask for forgiveness. (I hope this is exactly what he’s done with his wife and family too.)

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