A brief word on Key signing the TPPA in secret before telling us what he’s signing



After passing mass surveillance GCSB spying legislation, privatizing public assets and handing over $2b to the richest in tax cuts, John Key is now about to sign a secret ‘free trade’ deal with America without telling us what he’s traded away.

Signing a ‘free trade’ deal with America in secret without actually explaining to us, the people who empower him to be leader, what the bloody hell he’s signing away in terms of economic sovereignty is beyond abdication of responsibility, it is a full back handed slap in the face of democracy.

I say ‘free trade’ with America because the term is a nonsense, it’s like ‘good cancer’ or ‘clean coal’, there is no such thing as ‘free trade’ with America. It’s 29 chapters, but only 5 have anything to do with trade, the remaining chapters are about the deregulation of the NZ economy for easy dominance by US corporate interests, it’s a US national security leash aimed at curtailing Chinese economic influence in the Pacific.

The billions that Key keeps claiming exist in this deal for NZ simply do not exist. It’s like Key has taken our economy to Bali and has rushed back having sold it for 3 magic beans that Obama has given him.

“Where’s our economy John?”

“I’ve swapped it for some magic beans”.

“I see”.

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I was quoted in The Guardian yesterday looking at the manner in which America is expanding into the Pacific using the Kim Dotcom case, “the case against Dotcom is more about the US stamping their supremacy onto the Pacific by expressing US jurisdiction extends not just into New Zealand domestically, but also into cyberspace itself.” The TPPA is the very embodiment of that extension of American hegemony.

When someone tells you that they’re voting National, you really need to pull them up on that.

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  1. The real question is “what can we as a nation do, to stop our wayward Prime Minister from signing this Corporate wish list? ” .

    Why isn’t it all over the News media that Key hasn’t even read the “agreement” that he is committing us and our descents to ?

    Secrecy and Democracy are mortal enemy .

    • it’s not all over the media, because the media is capitalist owned, and works for the interests of private power. Why would private power want to say anything bad about tppa?

  2. What we can do about it? Not much, but at least a referendum, although it’s not binding, but it would at least force the government to front up and the media to investigate and be critical. As Key can’t be truthful about the whole thing (if it had no negative impacts it would be discussed in the open, not secretly behind closed doors) it would force him to lie, hence he would have to basically dig his own political grave … as the truth will out eventually.

    • What if Key shows the same disregard for this as he did regarding asset sales or the GCSB bill ? A referendum is pointless if your living in a dictatorship !

      Key cannot produce a copy of the TPP Agreement for us to evaluate the potential of it’s implementation .He is prepared to risk our future well being to the wants of Transnational Mega Corporations based on faith alone !
      I have no faith in Key’s leadership as it is and this is beyond the pail. His Government has an appalling history of bad policy and TPP(A) will out live his Prime Minister-ship.
      This should have public debate before signing and to do that we need the finished Agreement to study and evaluate ,nothing less will do.

    • @ David – At one point treason carried the death penalty.

      We should demand that binding referenda be part of our system and put forward at next year’s election. Then once implemented, we could assemble a referendum on reintroducing the death penalty for treacherous politicians.

      If that didn’t make the politicians pull their smelly socks up, then we could always resort to revolt! Either way would cause some agitation amongst the corrupt rotten lot disguised as our representatives!

      Somehow I think the French had it right all those years ago. Vive la guillotine, the friend of struggling little people!

      • Sorry, but the death penalty would be too good for Key and his cronies.

        He should be sentenced to life as an unemployment beneficiary under the system his government implemented. I’m sure he’ll think differently once he has a taste of his own medicine…

  3. I read somewhere that even the CEO of one of the large agro-industries (Cargill?) admitted that “free trade” is a myth only mentioned by politicians. Not too surprising really when one considers the huge public subsides that industry receives.

    “The great, unreported story in globalization is about power, not ideology. It’s about how finance and business regularly, continuously insert their own self-interested deals and exceptions into rules and agreements that are then announced to the public as “free trade.””

    (William Greider is national affairs correspondent for The Nation.)

  4. So, I don’t suppose John Campbell will be picking this up any time soon”…hinted on facebk that he get Jane Kelsey on..yeah rite? more chance of him having high tea with the queen on mars.

  5. His wealth should be be distributed to the poor who he disdains and then he should be made to clean The Beehive shitstools every night for minimum wage – without tea breaks (thanks to mini-Key) Bridges.

  6. @ David . Precisely . His [ Jonky’s ] acts are those of a treasonous liar and a traitor . No , seriously . While I might sound hysterical , that is exactly what he , and his political supporters are . They’re selling us out for their personal fortunes .
    Write a bloody letter to the Queen . I did , and I got a reply . She said that she’d considered my comments seriously but had sent my letter on to the Governor General since that was his job etc .
    Jerry has yet to comment , reply , react , respond or recognize . So you’re not doing your fucking job then are you Jerry ?
    The Crown needs to act to remove Jonky from Office immediately and place him under arrest for treason .

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