TPPA debate – Mapp vs Kelsey deathmatch



Those lovely communists at the Fabian Society are staging a debate between the lumbering Wayne Mapp and the razor quick Professor Jane Kelsey.

How they have managed to convince Wayne to commit public suicide by fronting is anyones guess, but if you like to witness intellectual violence, make sure you are at the Owen Glenn Building on Wednesday, 6pm.

5 of the 29 chapters of the TPPA are trade based, the rest are there to dismantle NZ sovereignty for American corporate gain. This isn’t so much a trade deal as it is a national security leash so America can push back against Chinese influence in the Pacific.

Citizen A will hosts a TPPA special on Thursday 7.30pm Face TV with Professor Jane Kelsey and Marama Davidson.

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  1. How they have managed to convince Wayne to commit public suicide by fronting is anyones guess,

    Nope, it’s actually on record where this arose. It began in a discussion on The Standard blog, where Wayne (Mapp) is a fairly frequent commenter. He has often supported the TPPA in those discussions.

    Then a commenter (Tracey) asked if he was prepared to publicly debate the issue with Kelsey. Wayne agreed immediately.

    Then Jane Kelsey dropped into the discussion to challenge some comments Wayne made about her and also immediately agreed to a public debate with Wayne. After that some Standard authors (Fabian Mike Smith being one of them) and others went on to work to make it happen.

    Ain’t these blogs things a wonderful thing?

  2. “Ain’t these blogs things a wonderful thing?”



    This is great.

    Good on Jane Kelsey and those at The Standard who have made this happen.

    No doubt the mainstream media and journalists will make themselves irrelevant, and refuse to give any coverage of this debate.

    So this is another chance for the alternative media to shine.

    I hope the debate can be fully webcast.

  3. Lynn Prentice and his partner Lyn have come to the rescue.

    This could well become a valuable resource.

    Lyn will be filming (yay!) so I told her to expect about 2 hours. Lprent

    Excellent! Great news about the filming. Thanks to Lyn. karol

    Yeah. We won’t stream (this has all been a bit last minute). Got permission from participants yesterday and Lyn generously volunteered her time and some gear (with a bit of pushing)

    I’ll transcode, edit (with a bit of help), put up for participants to view, and hopefully have available for general release during the weekend. Lprent

    Yay team Left!

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