Kris Faafoi on The Nation – RNZ2 is an idea that has come


image003Interesting to see the direction Labour’s new Broadcasting spokesperson Kris Faafoi is wanting to take with the portfolio. Faafoi’s brief appearance on The Nation yesterday managed to put more ideas on the table for Broadcasting in 10minutes than Labour have managed in 20months.

What was most hopeful was his thoughts on Radio NZ2. He see’s an opportunity for a second station utilizing younger broadcasters to generate income for the cash strapped Radio NZ. The previous CEO Peter Cavanagh was utterly against the idea of a second station that had sponsorship on it to raise revenue, but hopefully the new CEO, Paul Thompson, will be far more open to the innovation.


  1. Holy crap someone writes a piece that does not bag the previously unloved Faafoi. The choker chain on RNZ being better than it already is has always been funding. Unleash the beast via a commercial companion? Why not.

    The archival material RNZ has is so valuable, that even some ‘old’ torys might appreciate it.

  2. Why would anyone want a RNZ station that is profit driven? Isn’t that why TVNZ is so shit?
    Can’t you just get a slot on your local b-net station?

  3. Fafoi needs to start some deep thinking about our Public Broadcasting. He must be capable . A quality, non commercial TV N Z channel would be a good start. Ig they get it rght this time Labour, if you get the opportunity.

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