If what it takes to be on Radio NZ is an apology…


…Matthew Hooton apologized for his comments regarding David Cunliffe’s CV on RNZ this morning and if that’s what it takes to remain on Radio NZ, can I say that I unreservedly apologize for apparently defaming the Prime Minister two years ago.

Can I also say that Hooton apologizing was honorable, others’s continuation of the birther CV issue is unfortunate for them.


  1. I would say ” RNZ can go fuck themselves ” . Radio , like television is becoming/ has become anachronistic . I say , stay where you are and do your good work and make them come to you .
    TV or Radio didn’t promote the anti-GCSB rallies . TV or Radio hasn’t provided a platform such as this to allow people to communicate .
    TV and Radio simply act as filters and anesthetics for the filthy few neo liberals whom we still have to fear .
    While not wanting to repeat myself . Go fuck yourselves RNZ !

  2. No Country, there is a clear natural justice issue here. Hollowman Hooten has to apologise and stays on, Bomber gets the boot permanently for a ‘crime’ without the option of an apology attached.

    RNZ has a huge listening base and should not be discarded easily.

        • For all that Hooton is an intensely dislikeable bullshit artist, he has a fairly good radio voice.

          I have to agree that Bomber could use some improvement in this area… although having said that he has improved over the last couple years. A little. 🙂

  3. RNZ only wants baby boomers – they judge who to have on by their baby boomer standards without realising how biased they are by their shared cultural prejudices.

    Interestingly, last I saw that recording was still up on their website, while Bomber’s transgressions were instantly removed. It would be interesting to see what a lawyer would make of Hooton’s liar recording still being available – apologizing while still keeping the defamatory content available is not a good look – the apology becomes meaningless.

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