The day Seeby Woodhouse becomes the enemy


One of the most amazing revelations that came out of last nights TICS Bill public meeting in Wellington was Seeby Woodhouse telling the audience that since he spoke out against the Government’s GCSB legislation he was stopped entering America and questioned about his business and shockingly he was pulled aside and questioned by NZ officials when re-entering NZ.

Seeby has been overseas 8 times and has never been questioned, but since speaking out he suddenly gets this type of intimidation. They knew his itinerary, what he had purchased on credit cards and questioned him on what he was doing.

Seeby Woodhouse is a Gen X entrepreneurial legend, he’s the Dave Dobbyn of enterprise. He set up Orcon in his parent’s bloody garage and now runs the very brilliant Voyager. How the hell is Seeby Woodhouse a threat? How can Seeby Woodhouse be a danger to anyone for simply adding his voice to many others in disagreeing with mass surveillance?

The day Seeby Woodhouse becomes the enemy is the day ‘National Security’ becomes a thought crime.

The TICS Bill enables the GCSB legislation by forcing all Telecommunications companies to build back doors to allow the NZ intelligence agencies (and by default the US intelligence agencies) to spy on everything you send across their networks. What is most terrifying is the point Vikram Kumar, the CEO of Mega raised, and that is the Government will also gag and force all companies to lie to consumers about the Government being able to spy on their communications.

This law in association with the GCSB legislation represent the framework for a mass surveillance State and it is a cancerous tumor within the democratic body.

There can be no negotiation with cancer, and there can be no negotiation with these spying laws. Any new Government coming into power in 2014 must revoke these laws.

The Anti-GCSB collation will continue to work towards keeping this on the political radar., watch this space.

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  1. You are right Martyn, the new government that is elected in 2014 has to revoke these heinous laws….. Sorry to say but I doubt very much that Cunliffe is the one that will do this.

    • Due to John Key’s National Government being so popular the only way to overcome the problem of privacy is for all the other political parties (including Kim Dotcom’s political party) is to coalesce with Labour to revoke the ridiculous legislation.

      We all have to sing from the same songsheet on election day in 2014.

      No ifs, no buts, no maybes … start learning it now…New Zealand’s Online Anthem NZOA

    • Hi Red Bear. Not sure if you were there or watched the vid. When Cunliffe spoke he said he would repeal the GCSB and TICS Acts. He was quite clear about on this and there was a round of applause to that. He didn’t make any grand un-achievable promises around the framework of the Act’s, which was probably sensible and realistic. He is also the security and intelligence spokesperson in the new Labour lineup, so he has to be true his word. Yep, its really hard to trust after all these years, (especially as Labour was in power and allowed illegal spying during Operation 8) but Cunliffe has been very clear about his position on this, here at this meeting.
      He’s a different kettle of fish compared to the Labour that sold us out.

  2. Easy to use the word revoke but you are dealing with the US govt here and once they get their hooks in, do you really think they will just go: “uh, ok NZ, we won’t spy on your citizens anymore even though we can thru our backdoor portals anyway….” to the party who tries? By next year they won’t need our compliance anyway as no doubt their own systems will be/are already in place. Sorry, but get real. They have never forgiven us for not allowing their nuclear ships into our harbours remember. Yanks have long memories for vendetta’s.
    As for anti-GCSB movements, they would already have a stooge in place within the ranks reporting every tidbit.
    You are not fighting just our govt but cyber amerika and the dark forces!

  3. I watched this on TDB last night in Auckland, this needs to get lots of publicity, no one, no one would regard him as any threat, I think he actually said that he had been to the U.S. 8 times this year, which seemed excessive but I might have got that wrong.

    This is purely about speaking out 2 days before he left the country, wow they are on to it, knowing which credit card he used to book something in France.

    They must be made accountable.

    Meantime Key has been living up with Queenie, how appalling.

    • Seeby Woodhouse might be one of the people who can help enable a change in how some types of connectivity are provided.

      Supporting wireless networks and services on the consumer side of the ISP is one way of enabling communities; aka the common pool scenario.
      Non-profit organisations and community social networking could be hosted on low power, crowdfunded networks.

      Sure wireless mesh networks might be slow… but the important thing is that technology should enable communities, rather than limit them.
      Having all connections go through ISPs has been a limiting factor for a while now and makes networks more susceptible to outages.

    • Unfortunately not only try but probably succeed and anyone else they feel the need to destroy – because they can. And with the US backing them they have limitless funds and access to advanced technology. Agree there are dark powers around that hold the wealth and health of a country/people in there hands. Hence JK sucking up and Lange isn’t around anymore.

  4. Several thousand people at the anti-GCSB meeting in Auckland and just a mere handful at the Wellington anti-TICS meeting. Why? Does everyone in Wellington work for the government?

  5. Many thanks to Martyn Bradbury for this article, but I would like to question our tendency to adopt Newspeak as our frame of reference. The term “thoughtcrime” (one word, not two) refers to the novel “1984”, which we instinctively compare to our modern society of 2013 when we use it terminology. The comparison is apt, for we all watch and interact with our telescreens, large and small, with the Thought Police monitoring everything we say and write.

    I think, however, the use of Newspeak to define our Zeitgeist is too limiting and prevents us from seeing the big picture. Although Orwell’s thoughtcrime was a whole-brain phenomenon (thought and belief), our use of it tends to focus on the left-brain aspect of thoughtcrime (thought),while downplaying the right-brain aspect (belief). It is the neglected belief aspect of our Zeitgeist that I would like to challenge.

    My contention is that those of us who question the authority of the State are guilty of heresy, not just crimethink. Our modern religion is the unquestioning belief in Government as represented by Government spokespeople, including mainstream media (MSM). While we may concern ourselves with papal indulgences, we still believe the earth is flat. While we may object to certain papal bulls, those of us in the mainstream still adhere to Government’s Foundational Myths.

    I’m exaggerating? Let me try a couple of myths on you. You think the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc., are wrong and probably illegal under international law, right? What about the foundational myth behind the War of Terror, the official myth of 9/11? How many of you still believe that? How many of you believe that the Vietnam War was wrong and illegal? How many still believe, nearly 50 years afterwards, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in shooting President Kennedy with his Magic Bullet? Probably not many, but how many of you believe the MSM myth that President Lyndon Johnson was just carrying out JFK’s plan to start a major shooting war in Vietnam, thus neglecting the world changing effect of the JFK assassination? Finally, how many of you still use the term “conspiracy theorist” (a term proliferated by CIA in Operation Mockingbird) to dismiss me without citing actual facts to contradict my statements? If so, you’re a believer, not a thinker.

    So, if you already consider yourself a thought criminal, why not put forth a little extra effort and become a heretic? It’s much more fun and interesting!

    • It is odd that people seem to think it’s still about governments.

      Unfortunately, the only thing we can really do when faced with increasingly authoritarian regimes is to find what freedom we can within ourselves and to share with local community.
      While internet access might seem more limited in terms of free speech, at least communicating locally is still possible.

      Thanks to the surveillance state, we can expect the internet to become more fragmented in the near future.
      Brazil is talking about locally hosted services. It’s likely to be a rough time for internet commerce.

  6. Thank you to Martyn for writing this article, and thanks to the anti GCSB coalition for their work. I agree with Phillip Rose that those who question official government theories should be considered as modern heretics.

    As Orwell predicted, in Oceania at the present day Science, in the old sense, has almost ceased to exist. In Newspeak there is no word for ‘Science’. The empirical method of thought on which all the scientific achievements of the past were founded is opposed to the most fundamental principles of Ingsoc.

    For example, the official 911 story cannot be accepted without endorsing miracles, in the sense that violations of the fundamental principles of physics and chemistry must be unquestioningly accepted. No modern steel-reinforced high-rise building has ever collapsed because of an uncontrolled fire – unless you suspend your belief in the laws of physics and gravity to believe that 47-storey WTC7 simply collapsed in seven seconds at 5.20pm on September 11, 2001 due to “office fires”.

    A “scientist” from the USA Ministry of Truth (the National Institute of Standards and Technology – NIST – a division of the politically appointed US Commerce Department) has created a theoretical construct with the hypothesis that “normal office furnishings fires” caused the dramatic collapse. He produced a fantastical animated sequence to explain the mysterious collapse of WTC7. This crude cartoon was accepted by credulous US government officials as part of the official explanation for the collapse of WTC7 which all eyewitnesses, including CBS’s Dan Rather, viewed as a controlled demolition.

    Anyone, including architects and engineers, who question the obvious fallacies of the official explanation are labelled at best conspiracy theorists and at worse domestic terrorists by US governmental agencies.

    A peer reviewed scientific paper identifies both ignited and unignited military grade super nano-thermate (incendiary-explosive) in the dust collected from the WTC crime scene. This smoking-gun scientific evidence has not been covered in the main stream newspeak. What is disturbing to me is that the official 9/11 story is responsible for the draconian legislation under discussion here, and that the world of Oceania we all now inhabit is not challenged or questioned by more of the proles.

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