Why you MUST fight the TICS Bill tonight in Wellington 7pm


The contempt in which this Government holds privacy and individual sovereignty makes for a well documented descent into a Police State.

The vast unrestricted powers John Key handed the Police when they were caught illegally spying on the so called terrorists of the Urewera combined with the unbelievable decision to expand the GCSB to spy upon NZ citizens all comes together in the TICS Bill.

The Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Bill forces all telecommunications companies to open their networks to surveillance, it’s the enabler legislation to the draconian civil rights abuses the GCSB can now conduct legally. There’s no point in being able to spy on NZers if all the telecommunications companies who carry the data the Government want to spy on won’t play ball, so the TICS Bill forces them to comply with their networks being open to NZs various intelligence apparatus.

This is the structure of a Police State, mass surveillance based on nothing more than guilt by association. It has been bullied through regardless of civil liberty concerns and it seems very focused on answering to Washington as opposed to Wellington.

Tonight at 7pm, the smartest minds on the issue come together to state their case against this type of abuse of power at the anti-GCSB coalition urgent public meeting at Old St. Paul’s Mulgrave Street. I

Industry experts Seeby Woodhouse, Thomas Beagle and Vikram Kumar join academics and activists Professor Jane Kelsey, John Minto and Valerie Morse alongside the political opposition of David Cunliffe, Russel Norman and Annette Sykes.

This will be David Cunliffe’s first public meeting as leader of the Labour Party so expect lots of media and a packed hall.

It is first in, first served tonight, once we reach capacity, we won’t be able to take anymore people in, so please consider finding a seat by 6.30pm at the latest.

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The Daily Blog will live stream the entire event for free here on site from 7pm and post the video up on demand afterwards.

These mass surveillance powers must be revoked by what ever new Government replaces this current terrible one and these meetings are to generate the political momentum to ensure this is on the election radar next year.

Refuse to be intimidated and refuse to go quietly into a state that pays lip service to democracy. Now is the time to stand with one clear voice that we the citizens refuse this type of Big Brother agenda.

Fight tonight at 7pm.


  1. Wow.

    Comments you don’t agree with just get disappeared down the memory hole huh Bomber? Rather ironic considering the Big Brother implications of the TICS/GCSB bills that you are railing against.

    I must say I’m pretty bloody disappointed.. I am in no way defending the massive over-reaction of the police and the detention of innocent people including children, but anyone who thinks the actions of Morse & co were not worthy of police attention has some serious blinkers on.

    Morse is one of those “Michael Moore”-type left wingers.. the type that considers a few lies and mis-truths to be OK, so long as they are done “for the good of the cause”.

    Frankly I think people like this are damaging to progressive movements and if we are to maintain our integrity and remain strong we must weed out individuals like this and encourage them into other, less critical vocations.

    Chances are this post will just get disappeared like my last two criticising Morse’s behavior, I dare you to prove me wrong.

    • Notice how nobody has replied to your comment….or commented on what you have said? probab…..actually just go back and read your second paragraph to yourself again. Think about what you’re saying. You’re lying to yourself bro…..I understand its hard for people like yourself who are confused about their polictical standing, but seriously make sure you read what you write before you post it. Make sure you don’t contradict yourself. Also, sidenote; consider your third paragraph and our current prime minister….also watch this video…it shows how john key is one of those right wingers who consider a few mistruths and lies to be okay as long as for the greater good.

      • I would like to be able to reply however The Daily Blog editors keep disappearing my comments. This leads me to believe that any comment that dares raise questions about Valerie Morse’s integrity is likely to be meeting the same fate. I also can’t help but wonder what other subjects are being stealthily suppressed on this site.

        It is really quite chilling that any attempt to question what Morse was up to with those illegal firearms in the Urewera Ranges is quietly swept down The Daily Blog’s memory hole. I think it illustrates that on some level, the editors know what Morse & co were doing was wrong, surely if I was just an idiot who had it all wrong they would openly debate me?

        If we on the Left are to be denied the ability to criticise those who claim to be on ‘our side’ when they are found to be acting in a duplicitous manner then I fear our team is no better than those corrupt hypocrites on the Right.

        I expect that this comment will be disappeared too, to the editor reading this – you should be deeply ashamed! You should also consider how this sort of behavior would look if it was exposed publicly.

        This experience has really tarnished my impression of Bomber Bradbury and Selwyn Manning, two individuals who I previously held in very high regard 🙁

        • Thank you so much for your comment Rob. We have faced a very sophisticated hack of The Daily Blog yesterday and were focused on that as opposed to your grumbling.

          I am very busy at the moment, but the second we have certainty that the hack is over I will reply in full to your concerns.

        • Thank you for your patience Rob, I was in Wellington and had to deal with the hack last night.

          The decision to add Valerie Morse was made by the anti-GCSB coalition, which is composed of a group. Each of us made recommendations to the speaking list and a majority decided to invite Valerie to give the host city a local voice and because Valerie has felt the type of surveillance that is about to become focused upon us all.

          My understanding is that your earlier posts on Valerie were deemed defamatory and that is the reason they were not posted.

          As to your opinion on Valerie, you are free to have that. My position on the Urewera raids is well known and I haven’t changed those opinions. There never were any bloody terrorists in the Urewera’s, and a bunch of lefties playing soldier in the bush doesn’t in anyway justify the staggering $14million bloody dollars spent on it.

          After such an astronomical cost, the Police and Intelligence agencies had to concoct and stretch every possible boundary to justify this joke.

          Let’s not forget, they illegally spied on NZers to put together their ‘evidence’.

          That said.

          As an activist myself, I would never pick up a gun and train with it. The mere idea is repulsive in a representative democracy that allows free and fair elections every 3 years. That’s not to remove one inch the righteous grievance the people of Tuhoe have against NZ’s despicable confiscation and occupation of their land, but to take up arms against our brothers and sisters is a mutation of intellect, not the valid conclusion of.

          Your angst is ill directed.

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