Video on Demand Of Wellington’s TICS Bill Public Meeting


Event has concluded. Video on demand of this public meeting is now available.

TICS-Bill-Public-MeetingIf you missed the live stream of the Wellington public meeting opposing the National-led Government’s Telecommunications Interception Bill tonight we will have video on demand available here on The Daily Blog on Tuesday September 24.

If you want to contribute to the costs of organising this event, you can do so via Paypal.

All money donated via this Paypal account will go towards the costs of the Wellington Public Meeting on the TICS Bill and video streaming costs. – The Daily Blog.

The Coalition to Stop the GCSB Bill organised this latest public meeting at Wellington’s Old St Paul’s on Mulgrave St.

Again, just like the packed out Auckland Town Hall meeting, there is a powerful line-up of speakers – each explains why this Telecommunications Interception bill is bad for our country.

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The speakers include:

  • Seeby Woodhouse – Orcon founder;
  • Prof Jane Kelsey – law expert;
  • John Minto – Global Peace and Justice Auckland;
  • Thomas Beagle – Tech Liberty;
  • Vikram Kumar – Mega CEO;
  • Valerie Morse – Anti-GCSB activist;
  • Annette Sykes – Mana vice president;
  • David Cunliffe – Labour leader;
  • Russel Norman – Greens co-leader.

Seeby Woodhouse, Thomas Beagle, and Vikram Kumar will all speak to the specifics of the TICS Bill, explaining why it will impact negatively on the information-communication-technology (ICT) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) sectors.

Prof Jane Kelsey and Annette Sykes will speak to the legal points in the bill that erode further New Zealanders’ rights to freedom from interception and surveillance.

Activists John Minto and Valerie Morse have both been victims of state surveillance and will detail their views of the bill based on how Kiwis’ right to protest has been eroded.

This will be the first major public meeting that David Cunliffe will speak to as Labour Party leader. He has already indicated that National’s GCSB law is bad legislation. This will be his opportunity to definitively detail what is wrong with the GCSB law and this TICS Bill, and most importantly, what Labour will do about it if it wins the 2014 General Election.

Russel Norman has also staunchly opposed both the GCSB law and this TICS Bill. This will be his first public meeting alongside David Cunliffe since the latter became Labour’s leader. This will give people a good opportunity to observe how these two leaders work together, and to gauge whether the Red Green bloc is a government-in-waiting.


  1. Kia Ora Bomber.

    Amazing that we in NZ get to listen to the people at the top of our nation’s academic research, legal advocacy, innovative companies and political parties, and speak with them ourselves. I can’t get over what a taonga we have in this.

    A great mix of viewpoints and backgrounds, with great coverage of the range of the Bill’s implications.

    Thank you for your unflagging energy and dedication to helping us have the conversations we need to have.

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