Why Nick Smith has to resign


Behind the wall to wall America’s Cup media cacophony, you may have missed something serious that Nick Smith, Conservation Minister has just done.

Part of the problem of our 100% Pure marketing campaign is that it’s becoming a hypercritical joke. The reliance of the economy on milk powder, milk powder and more milk powder has led to an intensification of dairy and that in turn is having a terrible impact on water being used for irrigation and the vast amount of cow faeces polluting those depleted waterways.

Such a lack of economic diversification leads to Dairy Farming having a level of influence over Government that is odious and no where more glaring is that type of rot more obvious than what was revealed about Nick Smith’s decision making process in regards to the Ruataniwha irrigation proposal.

The Department of Conservation submitted a 32-page submission claiming the Tukituki catchment was “risky”, “untested” and “inappropriate”.

Smith claims he didn’t know anything about the DoC submission or why it’s final recommendation was slashed to a mere 2 paragraphs which were approved by him.

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Really? Smith had no idea of the submission?

“I did not know of the existence of a draft submission.”

Turns out Smith was aware of the submission and was in fact briefed on it and once aware of it’s findings seemed to have moved heaven and earth to censor it down to the pathetic 2 paragraphs.

This is an abomination of process and censorship to gag DoC from making very clear scientific warnings about the intensification of farming. If our 100% Pure is to mean something, then this type of grotesque gerrymandering of the outcome must be challenged.

This is not acceptable from a Minister to hide the truth, Nick Smith can not stay on as Conservation Minister.


  1. I find this strange as Nick Smith has shown only forthright integrity and a laser like approach to the truth before now.

    Saying that, after meeting him and bringing up the ACC ‘issue’, my mother in law called him one of the most abhorrent men she’d ever met.

    • Doris Johnston seems to have gone to the same media training as Hekia Parata – wiggly answers, indeed.

      Do public servants nowadays seriously believe they are ‘there to serve the Minister alone’?

      Ms Johnston seems to have forgotten the corporate mission – to protect and preserve for present and future generations… – which is far wider than preserving the current myopic minister and his lobby groups.

  2. This is not acceptable from a Minister to hide the truth, Nick Smith can not stay on as Conservation Minister.

    Neither can the people at the top of DOC who made the changes as requested by Smith.

  3. Nick the “Di**” has to go, for sure, we have another kind of rule bending Minister, which resembles his work as ACC Minister.

    That man is NOT fit for public office!

  4. But if he were to resign he’d no longer be the lying , bleary eyed , greedy creep we can watch hammering nails into the National Party coffin .
    I hope his arrogance and blind obedience to the Dollar God shows , ever more concisely that he and his devious ilk are so awful , so dreadful and so madly greedy that even their dopy , devoted neoliberal supporters will eventually see them for who they are and dump their plump rumps in 2014 .
    Sooner would be better of course but we have to take what we can get I guess .
    Look at how clever those other aliens think they’re being ? bennett , collins , parata , tolly , english , brownlee and of course the arch book burner himself , the Great , Great , Almighty , ( Said with a hollow , cave-like sound ) Jonky !!!

    I sometimes ponder ; what went on in the early lives of these people , or fiends if you prefer ? What made them become so …them ?

    Too much love and adoration ? Too much positive parenting ? Too many cuddles ? One Barbi Doll too many ? Perhaps , as children , we need humanity beaten into us ? ” Like it or not , you little shit ! You’re going to become a decent human being ! Not like one o’ them fuckin’ politicians ! ‘
    Once , as I was walking back home from my favourite beach after having adjusted my reality to suit the scene , I came upon a crowd of cows . Cow 133 came up to me and stared deeply into my eyes and asked for a whole marrow stemmed kale , or chow to those who know , just out of reach to her over that electric fence .
    I obliged by pulling out a fresh , dew bejeweled plant , roots and all and leaned over to her taking care to keep clear of the fence of pain and suffering . A giant creature , moving with the grace of an old lady well used to keeping up appearances rolled closer and closer , her hooves creaking under her weight . Cow 133 moved her gargantuan head from left to right then stretched out her edible neck , inhaled deeply through her edible nostrils after she made herself presentable by licking out her edible nostrils with her edible tongue then let out a double barrelled snort of confidence as she moved closer to my out stretched plant .
    Cow 133 rolled the greenest , fanciest leaves into her maw with the expertise of a magician . She deftly nibbled down the stem to the roots which she snipped off like a surgeon . She then ruined the whole esoteric experience by doing an 80 kg shit followed by 200 liters of piss just as my dog got her arse snapped by the electric fence which caused her to leap into the cow crowd yelping which in turn sent them all galloping off in a stampeding , shit/piss frenzy . I felt terribly contrite and I hoped the cow didn’t think I’d lured her over just to scare her and her sentient mates for a laugh .

    Cowsploitation is not farming . It’s the Industrialization of land using a cow / Clump / factory combo to make as much money for the least effort for those fine and fancy fellows in the cities .
    ” Who cares about your water , we have perrier dahling ? ”

    It’s better to leave smith there . When the Blue Haze starts to lift they’ll look like their own worst enemy and when that happens , they’ll be gone forever .

    This is why it’s vital , absolutely vital that Cunliffe courts the Farmer . The actual Farmer . He must weld the Farmer to the City to the Farmer . Abhorrent as it might seem to all those with a degree on Fancy Stuff while driving the V8 Ego to Oik School to pickup the darlings . Sadly though , it’s essential for NZ’s financial future .
    If you’re an Eskimo ( Or Inuit ) and you love the snow but really , really want to grow bananas ? Forget about it .
    If you’re a NZ corporate raider with a penchant for boardroom brawling and stock exchange shenanigans then just fuck off to New York and leave us alone . Oh , just leave the money you swindled off us behind before you leave .

    Ahhh , the Sunday morning rant . I love the Sunday morning rant .

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