Len Brown’s Unitary Plan fails to address housing crisis

Source: Mana Movement – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: Len Brown’s Unitary Plan fails to address housing crisis

Every Aucklander knows we have a housing crisis but just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse comes the news that the average Auckland house price rose by 13.1% to $652,129 in the 12 months to August this year.

This is a now a tragedy for families and the Auckland Council’s Unitary Plan the Mayor Len Brown wants to push through at an extraordinary council meeting today will do nothing to ease the problem.

Auckland families want affordable homes to buy and affordable homes to rent but neither is possible anywhere in Auckland today.

And the Mayor’s housing accord with the government will not address this crisis either because the 39,000 homes they intend to build in the next three years will be unaffordable for the big majority of Aucklanders.

The Council must directly intervene in the market on behalf of families.

Minto for Mayor would build 20,000 affordable council rental homes to address the sharpest point in the crisis with other plans to promote home ownership opportunities for every New Zealand family.

Without intervention in the market Auckland will become the world’s most liveable city – but only for wealthy landlords and property investors.

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  1. The Housing Accord doesn’t make sense – being a total disregard of all the considerations that have fed into the Unitary Plan.

    Smacks to me of pressure from the National Govt – again – to get what they want regardless.

  2. “This is a now a tragedy for families” – why just families. Couples actually find it easier to buy a house than single people. If it’s a tragedy for families, it’s a total impossibility for single people.

  3. Kick all foreign owned banks out of New Zealand / Aotearoa then slap on a hefty capital gains tax in residential real estate . ( 390 million dollar government bail out of BNZ in 1990 ??? Tip , meet iceberg ? )

    Create temporary tax free zones for small , at risk rural towns then re fund and re start all those rural schools , hospitals , dental clinics and public transport systems , especially rail , that roger douglas stole from us for his friends to make personal fortunes from then put that fucker in prison with the generations of people who’s lives he’s destroyed .

    The swindle is so steeped in jargon and normalized by suit wearing , bespectacled , Old Boy patriarchs that we can’t see the dirty old crooks for their pompous, self aggrandizement-ings .
    ” Ooooh look at me ! I’m Governor of the Reserve Bank Don’t cha know ? ” Well , yes I know and I don’t give one flying fuck .” The money you fiddle with then probably swim through naked after a bottle of champagne is ours , not yours mate .

    Place a ‘ bloke tax ‘ on all farmers who insist on being ‘ blokes ‘ who take pride in wallowing in their ignorance . Before they’re allowed to purchase and wear the ubiquitous red band gumboot topped off with the equally ubiquitous green or blue synthetic overalls they must pass an art and culture exam . If they fail the exam , they must go and live in Florence , Italy for six months and wear nothing but Armani . ( Before you snort out your oatmeal in indignation over your plastic laminate to look like wood kitchen table , remember ? Those Italian traveling , Armani wearers are the very same elite few lawyers and accountants who’re currently fucking YOU over , you cold , muddy , shit spattered , debt entrapped dopes . )

    Ok . The details will need ironing out but that’s the basic outline . If we don’t do those things , we’re fucked .

    Oh , wait . We are fucked aren’t we ? So , nothing to lose then .

    When life gives you lemons … hey , free lemons .

    The glass is always full . Half air , half water .

    Auckland , New Zealand . Housing crises ?

    There’s a story of an account of when a Spanish Armada rocked up to South America . The native local people noticed a strange lapping of the waters along their beaches but didn’t see the huge sailing ships dropping anchor just off shore because the image was so beyond their ability to comprehend , the ships were literally invisible to them . All they could see was the odd behaviour of the water . Thanks ‘ What the Bleep do We Know ‘ ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0399877/ )

    My point is ; what’s happening in Auckland , and not just with house prices , is extraordinarily mental .

    But I can actually believe why people are taking the Auckland conundrum seriously . You Auckland people are blind to being gouged , rorted and mislead so as Banks can heist your money fools ! Perhaps worse , is that , that swindle is stealing away your lives . Away from your kids and your relatives . It’s causing terrible anxiety and depression and it’s vile collateral damage is mayhem in the streets which stuffs prisons and hospitals .

    Why not go into the country and become a part of our vital export earning agricultural infrastructure ( I will never call it an ‘ industry ‘ because that title implies all graft and no soul ) . There is , out there , a vast opportunity for useful and rewarding employment . Not struggling to survive against odds stacked against you and your whanau by a few greedy bankers perpetuating the false economy that is Auckland’s house prices .

    Let Love be your guide . Keep an open mind . Look at the [situation] then turn 180 degrees then look at it again . You’re being conned and you’re being lied to . Our foreign colonizers are dropping anchor and all we can see is our kids going to prison .

    What do you think of that rant David Cunliffe ?

  4. Here’s a view of the top bad boys of banking in the USA who all but crippled their own economy for their personal gain . Sound familiar ?
    God only knows how many people suicided or were destroyed generally through their greed .

    And if you think this isn’t going on here in New Zealand and in Auckland in particular right now . Think again .

    And average Auckland house price of 600 K plus is a swindle . The Reserve Bank Governor will increase the OCR and that will be a swindle . The lawyer , real estate and accountant industry will make millions . That is a swindle . Retail money launderers will take millions on as debt for junk . That is a swindle .
    Go here ;

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