Curran manages to remind voters why they don’t like Labour

Clare Curran.

Clare-CurranWatching Clare Curran manage to remind voters of all the reasons they don’t like Labour’s navel gazing political pettiness on the eve of the leadership selection is a self mutilating home goal too far.

Insinuating that Jenny Michie and the Cunliffe campaign are in any way shape or form homophobic is deeply insulting and quite frankly desperate.

Clare Curran has let herself, and Grant’s campaign down. She’s the girl who cried hate crime.

Grant’s sexuality has nothing to do with his ability to lead this Country, and I honestly believe one day he will be NZs first Gay Prime Minister and NZ will be a better place for it, but I don’t believe it’s his time right now. Turning Jenny’s comments into a petty point scoring exercise was beneath the mana of the leadership race.

Equally inane has been Shane Jones threatening comments regarding downgrading Clare if he won and as for his moon cycle comments, well, they are even more absurd than Clare’s homophobia assertions.

The bitterness the beltway ABCs are bringing to this campaign in the final days after shock polls placing Grant third is a further worrying sign that the will of the wider membership and affiliates seem to be being resisted right up until the last moment.

The membership need to decide if such tactics are in the best interests of the Party.


  1. Well said. I don’t know what Clare was thinking. But I do know that she comes across as desperate. And I expect Grant to show some leadership by pulling her into line. She has damaged his credibility.

  2. I’ve noticed over the years that Claire has a tendency to self-construct crises at the worst possible times. The voters need solid, not hysteria.

    • Christ, who needs enemies when you got friends like Clare Curran in the Party the selfserving cow. I must say, am not impressed at all with Cunliffe sacking Jenny Mitchie ..for what? stating the truth that of course their are a core of New Zealanders that won’t like a Gay big deal and certainly not a reason to sack the women ..unless of course if was a bit of a political stunt on Cunliffes part to make himself look gd( not) hmmm

    • And so you should, I watched the initial programme and heard your comments and think this is all a bloody beat up. Curran should be pulled into line for tweeting. I am an individual who marched in support of the homosexual rights legislation in the eighties, and an avid support of the right for gay people to marry, but I agree with what you said and the ex president of the party (who I personally loathe). This does not make me a homophobe. Foolish foolish stuff. I expect that Cunliffe feels he can’t risk it.

  3. Well said Martyn Bradbury . I agree with virtually everything you’ve written . I’d add my bit but I’m half pissed so it’d only come out as hysterical .

    Having said that ;

    Clare Curran needs to go for a long walk with a short dog .

    Cunliffes jumpy over reaction needs close evaluation too and it’s my view he needs to get the fuck over himself right now !

    Jenny Mitchie meant no offense . So , WTF ? No , seriously ? W.T.F. ?

    I could care less if an alien with forty four vaginas and twenty seven penises and who loved to root chickens , and not live chickens at that , made a decent go of running New Zealand in a reasonable , kindly and funky sort of Global Village , no greedy cunts here thank you very much sort of way came along . I’d vote for him/her/it/what ever . A persons sexual preferences can only be the frisson of the un evolved and terminally stupid surely ? In this day and age for Gods sake . Only a sub antarctic , southern screwball , ding dong would bring that up ! She’s clearly found a ‘ self righteous ‘ bone to chew and she’s going to try and exploit that by mouthing on it with her dumb molars . It’s a pity for her she’s three decades out of fashion .

  4. What all this tells me is, the media are very hostile towards Labour in general. They are like vultures sitting on the cliff side, just waiting for any opportunity to feast on some dying beast.

    While Clare Curran may have had a point in expressing some criticism, she has apparently not learned yet that twitter is more suited for political twits to comment on matters, than to raise concerns.

    A disconnect between some grey matter and other body parts may be reason for such silly actions, but perhaps she can still learn. As for Jones, he has recently come out with stuff that should give him reason to be more cautious and not shoot back too swiftly.

    The only one who comes out of this without too much scarring is David Cunliffe. Yes there are still some frictions in caucus, but is that so unusual?

    So after all, the lesson Labour will learn is, keep your mouthes shut, march in line, as the “4th estate” is not your ally, and has not been so, since the times the mainstream media decided to cheer-lead Key and his gang.

    It will not be policies that will be the main topics for months to come, but personal attacks and sabotaging of the new Labour leader, that is what we can all expect from the MSM.

    • Yes, the Mainstream Media wants to cause blood during this campaign. If anything, Clare should be blaming them for driving the gay issue. They were the ones who went out of their way to poll people about the issue.

      While I do not agree with David dismissing Jenny over this, I don’t blame him either, as the media would almost certainly not let the issue go. Jenny had no intention of causing any harm to Grant via her message, and you can guarantee that the media would have picked up on it regardless of whether she mentioned it.

      Even if the media didn’t mention it, it would have been on the minds of most voters anyways. If anything, bringing it out in the open like that helped Grant to dismiss the issue.

  5. Key and co must be laughing hard, another frigging own goal. How can Labour become government with such obvious in-fighting? Think I will now vote Nz First.

  6. Ugh, I don’t like your angle on this story at all. “Reminds the public why they don’t like Labour?”

    Curran put her foot in it on Twitter. Cunliffe acted swiftly to limit the damage, showing good leadershihp.

    Jones put his foot in it with a comment about moon phases in Dunedin.

    Robertson quietly said Curran had a lot to offer, without supporting, defending or disciplining her. Which is about all he can do in this situation really.

    End of story, move on.

  7. Maybe on her next tweets or ventures into electronicstupidus, Ms Curran can list reasons why she is so happy to be in opposition, why she wants her party to be in opposition and why she wants those situations to continue into the future.

    Her lack of control and reason matches that of the dumb act of that NZ footballer stomping all over the guy on the ground on Monday.

  8. I cannot believe a paid MP sits on Twitter jeopardising her party’s reputation to all and sundry. Get some professionalism girl, it is not all about you. Some of us are doing it hard in this country and we want a change of govt. So how about you work towards that- rather than lining up in childish teams that have only caused Labour people like me to go to the Greens and after that performance I still am not coming back anytime soon.

  9. All I am aware of of Claire Curran is first bagging the Greens on twitter and now bagging Labours brightest hope on twitter. Labour will need to show better caucus talent than this to be a functioning partner for the Greens, who I’m more than happy to stick with, thanks.

  10. Claire Curran!s dopey logic is legend.Did she not also want all comments made on the Red Alert page that did not favour the particular posting or the party line banned,as also the commentators.Maybe if Cunliffe, does become leader it will be, goodnight and goodbye Claire.

    Speaking of Shane Jones.I heard his comment last night in regard to prisoners doing work for the rebuild.He also commented that if he became leader he would make sure the people understood the meaning of the word Labour and that means Labour, saying that he would be giving the unemployed a pick and shovel so that they could help in the rebuild of CHCH.

    • “Speaking of Shane Jones.I heard his comment last night in regard to prisoners doing work for the rebuild.He also commented that if he became leader he would make sure the people understood the meaning of the word Labour and that means Labour, saying that he would be giving the unemployed a pick and shovel so that they could help in the rebuild of CHCH.”

      Yep, “Arbeit macht frei”, I think, maybe that is his message?

      I am all for training, apprenticeships and more, but what has come from Shane Jones, and what even the two other contenders for the Leader role have been totally silent on (this government forcing sick and disabled to look for work), that has not given me much trust in what future Labour will stand for.

      I am sorry, I will either vote Greens or Mana, as I do not seem to “fit” the category of voter and clientele any of them wish to cater for, certainly not Shane.

  11. “and I honestly believe one day he will be NZs first Gay Prime Minister”

    I assume you mean by that “openly gay”? No prizes for who I might be talking about that might well have preceded him.

  12. You guys have got it all wrong, the real reason why people have gone off Labour is that they are run by a bunch of Chardonnay Socialists who give the taxpayers money to the bludgers.

  13. Robertson must just love Curran for reminding everybody he is homosexual, it is just sooo relevant to leadership attempts.

    Curran has probably been drinking Liffey water.

    Whoever wins it will be interesting to see what happens to Hipkins and Curran.

  14. It’s nothing to do with the guys sexuality it’s about his sex appeal. He hasn’t got any and won’t beat Key. Cunliff has sufficient mongrel to show a real alternative whereas Grant Robertson is another nice chap who will end up in the Bill Rolling hall of fame.

  15. Maybe a more accurate headline would read Curran Reminds voters Why they Don’t Like Curran. This storm in a teacup which Ms Curran has so helpfully allowed the msm to concoct wont change anyone’s mind on who to vote for in Labours leadership contest, but it might just put a dent in her own majority in South Dunedin. Poor judgement on several fronts but ironically she has just damaged her own career by this petulant display. Grant Robertson doesn’t need an apologist the process has been fair and democratic. Perhaps that is what has upset her, the Caucus has had a reality check from the members of the Party. All three candidates were impressive stop whining and backstabbing Clare and accept that your dictatorial attitudes have just been balanced by a democratic process.

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