Anti-GCSB Coalition presents Wellington urgent public meeting to stop TICS Bill


The enabling law to the GCSB Bill is the Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Bill – it will force Telecommunications companies to allow the GCSB and NSA to spy on their networks.

We must fight this march towards a mass surveillance state.

Speaker line up to be announced over next week. Live streamed on



  1. Bring a brick and a ski mask ? Just askin’ ?

    Ever watched a bully in action ? Ever been an observer to that , most awful thing . Where the bully is bullying a victim who is normally proud and confident and you watch them wither and cringe in humiliation ? Has that ever happened to you , dear and gentle reader ?
    It happened to me at school . As it does . It didn’t happen for long because of some advice my dear old dad gave me . ( Here’s some advice on being bullied . Talk about it . There’s no shame in it . It happens to everyone . Talk about it . )
    Well , perhaps not so much advice . More permission . He gave me permission to fight . He said ” If someone has a go at you , put the boot in . ”

    A kid in my class had a bigger , older brother and the younger brother managed his older brother as a kind of minder . Read thug and he gleefully plied his trade on not only me but others he felt were not up to scratch .
    So , I started the ball rolling by punching the younger brother in the throat by accident because I was aiming for his fat , sneering little face . Out of the crowd came his lumbering ox of a brother , red cheeked and looking determined like a charging animal . Just as I was about to try the clearly very effective throat punch again , Mr X , the headmaster came bellowing out of his office and stopped the whole thing from turning into a play ground massacre . My blood was up though so I swung a vicious , well placed kick right up the arsehole of the big brother as he turned away pretending nothing was happening . I remember clearly the toe of my shoe actually disappearing right up his arse crack . The effect was startling .
    Instead of a brutal retaliation , the big kid went red in the face and ran away and he avoided me like I was Hep C positive from that moment on . I was hugely surprised and relieved . What was truly amazing was that , that brother went on to become a leading heart surgeon working at a renown hospital and he has me to thank for that .
    When are New Zealanders going to fight ? Against bullies and fools ? Against liars and scoundrels ?
    We’ve been weakened and now we’re being bullied . It has to stop . Someone has to throw the first brick .
    Why not have the anti-TICS rally outside Telecoms head office ( if such a thing exists these days ) . It was our asset so it’d be relevant . And those church windows are too beautiful for a brick . Or how about the USA embassy ? Or Sky City Casino ? Or any brothel . That’s where the politicians and business leaders will be . In there with poverty stricken single mums and lost souls generally .

    I’m now worried that the more rallies there are that have little or no effect , the more confident the bullies will become . To the point where they won’t stop in their abuse and we’ll become frightened minions to a few rich fat old men and women and not necessarily New Zealanders either .
    If these freak shows don’t worry you nothing will .
    Did I hear on AlJazeera that Water Wars are going to be the new thing ?
    Classy . Real classy . And very , very rich .

  2. Thankyou TDB for organizing this. I am in CHCH and will be watching the live feed.
    During the GCSB meeting (which was fantastic) a troll majorly flooded the live chat feature. Can I respectfully request that a moderator watch for and control this, if possible, at the up-coming TICS meeting.
    Again, thank you for organizing.

  3. This government is leading a legislative blitzkrieg against the people, and the mainstream media was tonight busy with what again? The weather was leading the news, and otherwise much of the usual staple. One nasty bit of law and law change after another, before one has had time to digest what came before.

    With the passing of the GCSB Bill all attention has been channeled to “news” that rather distract and do not inform, so this TICS Bill is getting too little attention.

    Thanks for TDB to bring it to our attention!

  4. As I see it we will not achieve anything until you research the truth. We do not have a govt. There are no govts in Britain, Canada Australia New Zealand or the US of A. All are private companies floated on the NYork stock exchange. NZ is named `THE NEW ZEALAND COMPANY INCORPORATED’ ( All Caps)
    When we complain to the govt they don’t listen because it under no obligation to, govt doesnt exist.

    John Key is the CEO of `THE NEW ZEALAND COMPANY INC.’
    A govt is Rule By The People for the people.
    CORPORATIONS are a `for Profit business & the profits never reach `The People’ who paid to create those Assets. Assest when sold are what they call socialized & this means the `the People’ contribute huge sums for their maintenance but never benefit from the profits. For the people its a lose lose situation. When john Key says he has a mandate to do what he pleases, he is right, because they set up a devious plan to keep `The People’ out, via the strawman Trust they set up in each of our names.

    So address what we call govt, by its proper title & tell them `YOU DO NOT CONSENT’ (to what ever you are upset about them doing.)
    Now they have to listen. After signing this add, Without prejudice. (meaning you keep all your sovereign rights. Sovereigns are more powerful than Corporations & CEOs.

    I cant say everything here,too long but google `MEET YOUR STRAWMAN’ to get basic knowledge of where you stand & start learning.
    When you register ANYTHING children, home, vote, even to stand for council THE CORPORATION OWNS IT (YOU)

  5. so .. how come i cant find THE NEW ZEALAND COMPANY INC, on the stock exchange? ;D lol. i agree with everything else, this place is going downhil fast. but unless i searched wrongly on the NYSE, its not there… ;D link plx.

    • Look this up and you’ll find it;

      HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND CIK#: 0000216105 (see all company filings)
      State location: Q2 | Fiscal Year End: 0630
      (Assistant Director Office: 99)

  6. notmyname ing.
    I dont know why you didnt find it, that should have been the easier one to find. See if you can find your own name All (CAPS) you will need your birth Certificate Nos. They are both in the Queens name. However I wouldnt mind betting they might throw the social security No.I have heard that they often change how to access them, as more people are learning
    I haven’t been able to find my name but I know of some who have.
    The STRAWMAN has the potential to be a great scheme but instead they set it up for the greedies. They used our Name & birthdates without telling us.

    THESE ARE Examples of Govts Generosity to CORPORATIONs from just yesterday news. Perhaps this site should make a list of the generosity, to make the public more aware of exactly how much of our money is going into CORPORATES pockets…but they are too broke to help the people of the country.

    600million Dollars Broadband To add insult to injury a NZ company was not given the contract to lay these cables

    Tiwai Point 30 million

    Cheaper Power for Pulse

    The previous Labour government voted $36 million to this current cup challenge – See more at: labour govt donated &36 million for the americas cup challenge

    The accounting practices (to use the words of Judge Mahon) are an orchestrated litany of lies. We NEVER SEE The `comprehensive budgets’ for Govt or councils.

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