Citizen A with Julie Fairey & Selwyn Manning: Labour leadership, asset sale referendum & the Pacific


On this week’s Citizen A Martyn Bradbury is joined by Julie Fairey and Selwyn Manning to discuss: Labour Party leadership; asset sale referendum; and is New Zealand doing enough for the Pacific or is it failing to meet its obligations to the south Pacific region?

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  1. Having attended meeting s in both Levin and Napier, the main stream media and commentators here have missed the critical change thats occurring. People are getting engaged and energized! The Napier meeting was the largest NZLP meeting since ’84 when David Lange spoke. .there is red storm rising…..

    All three candidates are strong and capable. .and could wipe the floor with Key
    Grant is capable leader, and needs to be congratulated for his leadership with the internal reforms, part of which is this current leadership contest, which is contributing to reinvigorating people s interest in politics and NZLP. Down with the gatekeepers, self serving special interest groups, and up with direct democracy and transparency.

    Jones has articulated very well the failings of Labour and all political parties to get some 800k people who are enrolled to vote and the other 500k that wheren’t enrolled. When challenged on Green’s was clear that the objective is to get the most votes. ..and be prepared to tact left and tac right….

    All have been clear on need for economic development, good social and labour policy, and acting in the national interest.

  2. Good programme.

    I share Julie Fairey’s depression about Shane Jones. I can’t even begin to understand his appeal to a party famed for its liberal attitudes. It’s heartbreaking actually.

    I don’t agree that Shearer was EVER the right man for the job. I remember the first round in the selection process when the three David’s were interviewed and it was clear that Shearer lacked force and conviction.

    It’s been a painful couple of years watching all this play out.

  3. Great show….consistently the best televised programme on politics every week. Keep it up, and thank you.
    “….held together with snot….”, so very true.

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