Key’s moral support to attack Syria



How charming, the Prime Minister wants to lend ‘moral’ support bomb Syria for using chemical weapons. I’m afraid there is little morality in this, I don’t recall Key’s enthusiasm for blooming Jerusalem when Israeli forces used chemical weapons against Palestinians in 2008. Apparently phosphorous dumped on civilian targets is far more ‘moral’ than sarin gas.

Do I believe that Assad’s brother who had been hurt by a suicide bombing days earlier ordered the chemical attack in a fit of rage? I certainly believe that’s possible, does that mean he had executive command tick off by the regime for such a war crime? Well that’s in doubt.

The horror of what has been inflicted upon the Syrian people must be answered for and one day the criminals responsible for it will be held accountable, but how on earth that justifies a unilateral cruise missile response has yet to be explained.

We have all been suckered in once by WMD lies with Iraq and watching our Prime Minister trade in our independent foreign policy to rush into giving America the diplomatic fig leaf of multi-national support should jar every New Zealander.

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Why we would want to destabilize Iran at a time when Iran is moderating itself is also suspicious.

In terms of international threats, six countries in the whole world have military bases in foreign countries.

Russia: 12 bases
UK: 6
France: 6
Turkey: 1
India: 1
USA: 700

Let’s not underestimate the American military industrial complexes desire to start wars wherever they can.

Rushing to rain death down upon the people of Syria for a chemical weapons attack that we can’t conclusively connect to the command and control structures of the regime has no morality attached to it.


  1. Afghanistan N.Z army are ‘ mentoring’, which means on the front line. Now ‘moral support’, means what? What are all these silly meaningless words?? what does it mean really?? I’m sick of all this confusing double speak.

  2. Whatever the US wants they will get by hook or by crook – yes that does mean they would lie about Iraq’s WMD inventory status and now by staging a chemical weapon attack to manipulate the rest of the world to go to war AGAIN

  3. It’s just part of a pattern that aware folks have been noticing..
    & yes Syria was all planned years ago..
    JK’s response is just SO predictable.

    It’s not in our destiny (as NZers) to have a True Leader. We get what we deserve.. So now… we’ve got this duplicit wishy washy man who wasn’t brought up on ethics. Haul the public up to expect more, and they will. But for now, the fact that He’s PM of NZ ..what that says is the general public have for generations been dumbed down sufficiently to not recognise when ethics are missing..or to even recognise ethics at all.
    Devolving. That’s where we’re at. Society devolving.
    It’s the ” End Times”..
    As for Syria, well as I said JK’s response is predictable. Sign of the times

  4. “Con (Wisdom is not my middle name) Jee” is rapidly proving himself to be an unmitigated disaster for this country’s international reputation.

    Its my belief that he was briefed by Obama on the need to beef up our GCSB (in order to make it more compatible with “Prism”) during his recent visit to Washington. Having promised Obama to do just that, he returned to NZ to ram the bill through Parliament at great haste in order to keep his new buddies in Washington happy . . . we all know the rest!

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