A brief word on Asset Referendum & Living Wage costs



When Key is claiming a referendum on asset sales is an “utter waste of money” and claiming the cost of the Living Wage will be “unworkable and unbelievable“, you have to choke back the hypocrisy. This is the man who handed $30million in corporate welfare to Rio Tinto so that he could still sell Meridian and as for his back of the envelope calculations that the Living Wage would cost $2.5 Billion, I’m assuming this is the same envelope he used to claim the TPPA will make us billions and billions.

How is it that Key can make up a claim like the TPPA will generate billions and billions and he not get questioned once by the mainstream corporate media on those costings, yet they swallow whole any costing criticisms to help the poorest amongst us?

The news media in this country are rich people telling middle class people to blame poor people.

The referendum is a major win for the opposition, it gives them a rallying call and stokes the embers of genuine resentment that are now being fed against this Government. While Key and the gated cultural community that is National Party voters (70% of whom staggeringly don’t know anyone unemployed) have enjoyed the fruits of tax cuts and Asia’s unquenchable thirst for milk powder, vast tracts of NZ society have been left to rot in poverty, this social friction is starting to peel the vacant aspiration off Key’s empty brighter future as the latest Roy Morgan Polls continue to attest.

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Key’s contempt for democracy is well documented after half a decade, but this is one time Key has no option but to at least allow the process to go ahead unmolested. Even if he chooses to ignore it, the people can see that arrogance and judge for themselves in 2014 if he is fit to hold office again.


  1. $30M handout for Rio Tinto, the largest mining corp in the world. $25M to refit the Tangaroa to assist with deep-sea oil exploration. $150M for NZDF to buy new vehicles. $40M subsidy for private share investors. Of course we can’t afford a referendum.

    • Don’t forget the over $100 million it costs to actually sell the assets. Plus the cost of the bribe for people to buy Meridian shares. Compared to that, what is a tiny $9 million for democracy?

  2. Anyone else see that arsehat Rawdon Christie on Breakfast attacking Russel Norman’s defence of the referendum this morning? Everything John Key says seems to be the gospel truth if we were to believe the “journalists” and “reporters” working at TVNZ. What threat does he hold over them I wonder? We all know Key threatens anyone who doesn’t agree with everything he says.

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