Citizen A with Keith Locke & Simon Prast


Citizen A with Keith Locke & Simon Prast : Labour Party Leadership contest, NZs Suicide rate & why do the majority not believe John Key yet want him to run the country?


  1. We expect our leaders to be truthful and not be a bully and a clown.
    So see you later John Key, your pants are on fire.

  2. At present it seems we have have more chance of winning lotto than a leader true to the real needs of the people.

    Suicide results from depression which is not a disease,
    It is a response to social inequality and poor education, and the numbers will only go down we have true social justice.

    JK; the population at large seems to go for the charming personality more than any thought through rational understanding of the consequences of a tyrant in charge. Then folks also vote for the financially successful in the hope they become like them..

  3. Why aren’t we making more money available for suicide reduction? Because that would mean that the rich would have to pay more taxes.

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