A brief word on Dotcom ruling – “It’s a God damned stitch up’




Just so you can all appreciate what a con job the Police verdict to find the GCSB not guilty of THEIR request to illegally spy on Dotcom really is;  the law does not require the establishment of criminal intent, it requires proof of intentional intervention by a person without lawful authority to do so.

The intent of the GCSB has nothing to do with it, that they intentionally intercepted is the threshold for prosecution!

This decision was also ‘independently’ reviewed by none other than the QC who is also prosecuting Kim Dotcom.

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It’s a God damn stitch up ladies and gentlemen.

The contempt of due legal process for the pursuit of mass surveillance powers is chilling, and the ongoing abuse to our civil liberties which are shrugged off as the exception and not the rule sound hollow as we see example after example after example, month after month after month.

There is a repetitive nature to these attacks on democracy by this Government in the last half decade, and the only way I see it changing is by throwing this Party out of power in 2014.

If this is the sort of interpretive chicanery and sham independence  the Police are pulling to justify spying when they are caught red handed, imagine the Kafkaesque deceptions we are all in store for now this obscenity is legal?


  1. The corruption of this government is total, sophisticated, and runs very deep. New Zealand is the object of a soft coup which arrived unnoticed during the night, and most have yet to wake up to it.

  2. This decision also affects the other 80-odd NZer’s who were (il)legally intercepted. I notice the Police did not hang around to answer questions after announcing their ruling. That, in itself, tells me a lot! All aboard the Stasi-land express……….

    • Do you really believe what you were told – that the number is only 80 or so? So you took the blue pill, I see….

  3. I’ve noticed for a long time now that the police have gotten far too much power, it’s as though they are on a par with the government..which suggests that NZ is well on the way to being a police state.
    And , as Sizemik above correctly pointed out,..” the corruption of this government is total, sophisticated and runs very deep..”
    It really is an alarming state of affairs. In actual fact parliament ought to be dissolved ! Were there to be a national poll, nobody would knowingly vote to have fascism in NZ.

  4. Aside from the big issues like housing affordability, the GCSB legislation, poverty, etc. the next government really needs to look at rolling back the creep towards totalitarianism, entrenching BORA, The Treaty, the corporatisation of the public service, cronyism in appointments, and finding ways of ensuring any future trend towards fascism in future is made more difficult.
    After John Key (and because of him), we’re now very close to simply becoming a nation of cyclical elected dictatorships under the guise of democracy.

  5. Mmmmm, I wonder how far the average kiwi would get if they were to, “I`m sorry officer I didn`t mean to break the law!”, next time they`re pulled over for a traffic violation? Probrably as far as I could kick John Key.

  6. The spy base balls in the photo just need a rocket in the middle and it would look exactly like Doctor Evils rocket in the Austin Powers movies.

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