5AA Australia: Selwyn Manning & Peter Godfrey on Labour’s Leadership + Milk False Alarm

Peter Godfrey & Selwyn Manning deliver their weekly live bulletin Across The Ditch on 5AA Australia.

The leader of New Zealand’s Labour Party resigned last Thursday, sparking a leadership campaign. The three main candidates are: David Cunliffe, Grant Robertson, and Shane Jones. Among these three men is possibly New Zealand’s next prime minister. And polls, pundits, column writers suggest David Cunliffe will be the winner. But there are obstacles for him to overcome.

Also, it appears the Fonterra botulism scare, where millions of dollars worth of New Zealand bulk milk whey powder was destroyed – where perhaps billions of dollars worth of damage to New Zealand’s reputation – was all for nothing.

On Wednesday, New Zealand’s Minister for Primary Industries held a press conference and informed the nation the tests were wrong… the tests that suggested New Zealand whey powder exports were contaminated with a bacteria that could cause botulism, were in error.