Grant Robertson vs David Cunliffe in Facebook wars


Both main candidates in the Labour Leader challenge are utilizing social media as vigorously as they can. The massive interest the challenge is generating can not be met by the 5 minutes the 6pm news dedicates to it nor can it be feed by the few articles generated by the msm pundits. Members hungry for more are seeking it out online.

To date they are evenly matched. Grant Robertson has 1154 likes on his leadership Facebook page while Cunliffe has 936 on his.

It’s closer than that though, Grant started his page on the 24th, Cunliffe on the 25th.

Where Cunliffe is picking up though is in meme generation and social media traction by activists who want to promote him.

Grant has…

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…while Cunliffe is getting…




Cunliffe’s people need to lift his social media profile if they want to make the narrative that he has wider popular support a reality. Both candidates need to be thinking about how they will use these tactics in 2014.


  1. Meanwhile Jones is left in the dust & just doesn’t get the F/B tool. Photo’s of me myself & I just doesn’t cut it Shane. His follower more than the others are use fackbook. Wake up Shane and get with it!

  2. Bizarrely enough, I was just defriended by Cunliffe’s Facebook team 4 hours ago, a mere 3 days after I was befriended. And no, neither have I posted on it nor does it affect my support for his leadership ambitions.

    • Dewithiel, I believe DC’s been having FB problems which he just mentioned in a post – too much traffic? I’d like to know the figures of how many people have become paid up Labour supporters or renewed their membership over the past week. Interesting and exciting times ahead.

      • I think page admin said that they are having to re-register it as a business site (or something along the line of) because the number of likes/friends has exceeded the allowable limit for a personal page.

        I was de-friended also.

        • no, with his account becoming a ‘page’ all ‘friends’ are converted into ‘likes.’ So not ‘defriended’ just converted 😉

          *Facebook savvy!*

    • Try again. The page was updated and there may have been a hiccup. I see that it has shed a few friends and it may be because the backup used was of earlier data.

  3. Cunliffe’s ads are sending the right message – action.

    Robertson’s ad is beige – appropriately so really. ‘A new generation for Labour’?

    I don’t care about a new generation if the policies remain the same.
    I don’t care about a new generation peddling the same old neoliberal appeasement strategy.
    I don’t care about a new generation that plays to win in caucus but can’t seem to take the fight to the right.

  4. Yo Bomber (Disabled title excuse spelling sorry)

    Maori TV scooped on Monday night’s ‘Native Affairs’ with an interview of the 3 candidates (Jones, Cunliffe and Robertson)

    They were asked the usual questions bur strangely very little on Waitangi or other treaty issues. For me, it was Robertson who shone. In fact he showed more balls in answering the interviewer (Fprbes), as the other two seemed too busy trying to look humble and polite.

    A Green or Mana voter should not feel too concerned about changing as Labour still have a long way ti go. DLANZ hope they can sort out the leadership soon, as a change in government is now real must.

    It has lightened up Parliament Question Time and Debates and Labour is now acting more like an opposition which can rankle govt MP’s “Dressing up in costumes…Shouting out rude names…Its a knockout..” (Games Without Frontiers – Peter Gabriel)

    Kia kaha and keep smiling

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